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Cops Corner: East County 9.3.2015

Find out what crime is happening near you.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. September 2, 2015
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67th Street East

Aug. 29
4400 block of 67th Street E.
Criminal Mischief: A woman requested a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy to be present while she retrieved her possessions from her previous residence. The homeowner said he had placed all of her items in plastic bags by the door. She went back inside to retrieve a vacuum cleaner and her childrens’ beds, despite the deputy’s warning to leave the beds at the home until the two adults appeared in court. She grabbed two cans of paint on her way out of the house. The man said he bought the paint and she could not take it. She then dropped both cans, causing them to burst open and coat the man's floor and drywall with white paint, saying “Oops.” The deputy charged her with a criminal mischief misdemeanor under $200.

39th Street East

Aug. 29
5300 block of 39th Street East
Theft, Battery: The defendant called a taxi and then directed the driver to a bank to get money to pay for the transportation. The bank was closed because it was Saturday. The taxi driver called her dispatcher to ask how to handle the situation; while on the phone, the defendant began to hit the back of her seat and pull her hair. The driver pulled into a pass station to notify police, and the defendant fled the vehicle. When police arrived, the driver identified the defendant walking across the street, and the defendant was placed under arrest. The unpaid taxi fare was $30.

33rd Street E.

Aug. 28
5300 block of 33rd Street East
Theft: A woman went into the restroom at her job, and left her phone inside the bathroom. When she realized she had forgotten it, she returned to the restroom but it was already missing. Witnesses saw someone enter the restroom shortly after the victim had left the first time and reported no one else had entered the restroom during that time. The subject was questioned about finding anything in the bathroom, and she said she did not take anything out of it. After law enforcement arrived, the phone was recovered and returned to its owner, and the subject was arrested.

121st Avenue E.

Aug. 29
6600 Block of 121st Ave. E.
Domestic Aggravated Assault: A man and his girlfriend had been arguing. She was angry because he was on his computer. She retrieved a pistol and shot his computer. No one was injured, and she was arrested without an incident.

Country Park Way

Aug. 23
8200 block of Country Park Way
Trespass Warning: A man caused a disturbance at his sister's home. She told the deputy that her brother causes disturbances too often, when he shows up unannounced asking for money. He becomes more angry when she refuses to aid him financially. On the evening of Aug. 23, he trespassed again, and the deputy stated he understood he had trespassed and would not return.



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