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This yoke in Lakewood Ranch isn't funny

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton

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Nov. 19


5000 block of 81st Avenue Terrace East, Sarasota

Information only A man contacted the Sheriff's Office and reported that someone had tossed eggs on the roof of his home. The man reviewed his security camera coverage and saw two unknown people walking past the side of his residence. The man knows one of the two due to previous encounters. The said he believes the two were responsible for throwing the eggs on his house. A deputy reviewed the security video and noticed it did not show either subject in the video throwing anything on the house. The deputy generated a patrol request based on the incident and provided the man with a case number. The deputy made a copy of the video and placed it into property and evidence.

Nov. 21


4900 Linsey Court, Sarasota

Information only: Two women came into the Sheriff's Office to file a report against a contractor who they had hired in April to do a job for them. The women gave the contractor a down payment of $2,000. The women said after months had passed and the man had not started the job, he told them he was unable to do the work. They came to an agreement that he would pay them back and they wouldn't go to the authorities. However, after the contractor had paid back a portion of the down payment, he stopped paying them back.

Nov. 24


500 block of 66th Street Court East, Bradenton

Trespass warning: The Sheriff's Office was contacted by employees of a hotel regarding a disturbance. Upon arrival, a deputy was told a man was "dancing all over the place." The hotel trespassed the dancing man from the property for a year. He was told if he came back he would be arrested. The man left the property without further incident.

Nov. 25


2900 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Lost property: A man came to the Sheriff's Office to report he lost his wallet at a department store. The man said he had parked outside the department store and after getting out of his car, he cleaned the trash out of his car and threw it away. The man believes he had his wallet in his hand and might have thrown it away with the trash. The man dug through the trash in an attempt to find with wallet with no luck. The man was issued a case card.



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