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Aggressive arm chops visitor in Lakewood Ranch

Cops Corner: Interesting police reports in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton areas.

Cops Corner reports from the Sheriff's Office.
Cops Corner reports from the Sheriff's Office.
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Nov. 4


Intersection of Halfmoon Lake Terrace and Lake Silver Avenue, Lakewood Ranch

Information only: A man drove his work vehicle up to the gate of a community and called his customer to let him through the gate. The gate went up, but while the man was driving through the gate, the arm came down on top of his vehicle, which forced the arm to come off the control box. The man called the Sheriff's Office. A deputy observed no damage to the truck and while the arm had a dent, it was unknown when that dent might have happened. The control arm box and bracket were still operating. The man contacted the community HOA by telephone and was told it would take time to review the tape before anything could be done. The HOA did not give him a time frame when they might answer him. The deputy attempted to call the HOA but only received voicemails. The man asked to have the incident documented and was issued a case card.

Nov. 4


5000 block of 97th Street East, Bradenton

Information only: A woman called the Sheriff's Office to report she had received a disturbing phone call. She told a deputy that a man had called her in relation to her car being parked in an area that is being paved. She said the caller identified himself as a property manager for the lot in question. She said he angrily yelled at her and told her he would have her car towed if she didn't move it. She gave the phone number to the deputy and said she didn't know the man who had called or how he had found out her phone number.

Nov. 6


8300 Tourist Center Drive, Bradenton

Trespass warning: A woman came into a hotel where she had booked a room and the manager explained to her that they had overbooked the hotel and they had no room for her. The woman became agitated and refused to leave. The manager advised the woman that she had been booked a free room across the street if she wanted it, but she still wasn't happy and became irate, screaming and cursing. The woman was asked to leave and not return but she refused and sat down on a couch in the lobby. The manager called the Sheriff's Office and a deputy responded. The woman was trespassed from the premises and the deputy explained she could not return for a year and if she did, she would be arrested. The woman left without further incident.

Nov. 7


5000 block of 31st Street Court East, Bradenton

Disturbance: The Sheriff's Office was called by an anonymous neighbor when a couple who had been together five years were having an argument. The called said the woman was throwing all the male's clothes out a window into the parking lot. The deputy spoke with the male, who said he was ending his relationship with the woman and an argument occurred. Both said the argument was verbal with nothing physical. The deputy observed that nothing physical had taken place. Both subjects were given a domestic packet. The man grabbed the rest of his belonging from the residence and had a friend pick him up. He insisted he was never coming back to the home.


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