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Thief gets bad news at Bradenton convenience store

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton areas.

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Manatee County.
Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Manatee County.
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May 20


8300 block of Market Street, Bradenton

Retail theft: A man entered a convenience store and picked up a container of food, opened it and ate it. The man then took a New York Post and left the store without paying for the items. The manager of the store followed the man out of the store and stopped him. The manager said the same man had done the same thing in past. The man was arrested by a Sheriff's Office deputy and taken to jail. The total theft was $11.84. The newspaper had been recovered by the manager.


May 20


40000 block of 20th Place East, Myakka City

Information only: A man went on social media to find someone to work on some wiring at his home. The man said another man began trolling him in the comment section of his post. The first man eventually asked the second man what his problem was? The two begin exchanging insults and they eventually talked about meeting in person to settle the issue. A deputy said the second man appeared to be the instigator of most of the problems. The first man wanted documentation of the incident in case anything happened.

May 20


280 block of Kay Road Northeast, Bradenton

Marijuana use: A Sheriff's Office deputy observed a silver Honda sedan sitting at night in the northwest parking lot of Bennett Park. The deputy asked the driver to roll down the window so he could talk to her. He immediately noticed the odor of marajuana coming from the vehicle. The woman driving admitted she and her two passengers had been smoking weed. The deputy asked all three to exit the car and he checked their identifications. An assisting deputy arrived and the first deputy then searched the vehicle and located two small marijuana roaches. The pot weighed 0.5 grams. The marijuana was removed and placed into property and evidence for destruction. The three people left the park without incident.

may 21


6600 block of Greenbrook Boulevard, Lakewood Ranch

Property found: A Sheriff's Office deputy arrived at a trash compactor located on the west side of the pavilion county land where he met a county employee who found a large bag of unopened mail. ed at the location and met with Mr. Robert J. Gookin who works for the county. The county employee was at the site to empty the trash receptacles. He then found a large bag of unopened mail. The deputy secured the large bag and had dispatch contact the postal inspector. There were approximately 70 pounds of mail from area codes 34212-7009. The mail was secured at the Sheriff's Office and a mail inspector was asked to respond. Photos were taken of all the mail and the site it was found. All of the property was secured and placed in locker No. 4 located in the District One Property and Evidence room.

May 21


7200 block of 55th Avenue East, Bradenton

Trespassed: A Sheriff's Office deputy was send to a convenience store after a report a man had entered the women's restroom and wouldn't leave. When the deputy arrived, the man finally came out after a 40-minute stay. The man was then trespassed from the store. He was told he couldn't come back for a year.


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