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Driver cited for not having a license — for more than a decade

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports for the Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch areas.

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Aug. 1


6000 block of Verna Bethany Road, Myakka City

Driving without a license: While traveling southbound on Verna Bethany Road from State Road 64, a Sheriff's Office deputy observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The deputy accelerated to 80 mph to catch up and then began pacing with a calibrated speedometer at 70 mph sustained in a 55mph zone. The deputy pulled over the vehicle and asked the driver to present his license. The man only was able to provide his Mexican ID card. The deputy asked if he had a driver`s license, and the man said he had one a long time ago. A search showed the man had a driver's license which expired May 18, 2006.  In 20111 he had been convicted of driving without a license. He also was issued a citation in 2017 for driving with a license that had been expired more than six months. He was placed under arrest and transported to jail. He was issued a warning for the speed and a criminal citation for his expired license. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted and responded to take custody of his vehicle.

Aug. 9


600 67th Street Circle East, Bradenton

Possession: While cleaning out a room, a motel employee located four baggies containing a clear rock substance on the night stand next to the bed, underneath the ash tray. The room was registered to a man who switched rooms when the door to his first room didn't work properly. The motel front desk moved him to another room. Sheriff's Office deputies went to that room but the man was not there. The baggies were placed into property and evidence and scheduled for analysis.

Aug. 11


8400 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Criminal mischief: A Sheriff's Office deputy was sent to a fast food restaurant after getting a call from the restaurant's employees about a crazed customer. The man had been waiting in the drive through line and because angry when he didn't get his fillet of fish sandwich he ordered. He exited his car and "pitched a fit," grabbing a nearby shopping cart and began bashing it into the side of another car, which sustained approximately $2,000 in damage. The suspect fled in an unknown direction. Witnesses had no idea who the suspect was.

Aug. 13


6000 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

County ordinance violation: A woman was issued citations for violating a county ordinance as she interfered with traffic by soliciting for money and engaging in conduct that was causing a distraction to motorists. She was moving through lanes of traffic outside of the crosswalk. The deputy took photos before giving her a Notice to Appear. A check showed the woman had been issued the same citations in April and May at different intersections on S.R. 64.


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