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Myakka City man notices after a decade of fraud

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from the Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton areas.

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June 21


4700 block of 253rd Street East, Myakka City

Scheme to defraud: A man came to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office to report unauthorized reoccurring withdrawals from his checking account. The withdrawls were monthly in the amount of $19.95. The victim had documentation for the fraudulent transactions starting from July 30,, 2012 to May 29, 2019 with a total amount $1,715.70. He is waiting for the bank to provide the transactions from 2009 to July 30, 2012. The victim did not notice the charges until he received a letter in the mail from a company stating his bank was terminating its association with the Best Benefits Program that the victim enrolled in. The victim stated that he never enrolled in the program and notified his bank.

June 24


8300 block of 62nd Court East, Sarasota

Information only: A man told a Sheriff's Office deputy that his vehicle wouldn't start so he called a friend to come take a look at it to see what was wrong. The friend crawled under the vehicle, a pick-up truck, to located a small box attached by magnets to a piece of metal on the bottom of the truck. The friend retrieved the box and gave it to the man, who opened the box and found a small electronic device that was flashing green. On the rear of the device was the word SpyTec. The man then searched the internet and found the exact device that was described as a GPS tracking device. The man does not know who would have placed the device under his vehicle. The vehicle is registered to his company and has no current lien on the vehicle. The man's business is installing pavers and he thought the device might have been put on his truck by a rival business. Photos were taken of the vehicle and tracker and both were uploaded to the crime scene report. The tracker was collected and placed into property and evidence.

June 27


5400 block of 18th Avenue East, Bradenton

Information only: A Sheriff's Office deputy was sent to the listed location to check on a suspicious circumstance. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with a woman who said she has been noticing her fence moved slightly out of place the past couple of mornings. The woman said she has not seen anyone move the fence and nothing has been taken. The woman said she was buying security cameras and placing them around her property. The woman wanted to file a report even though no crime had been committed. No property was damaged or stolen.


June 27


3600 block of 81st Street Place East, Sarasota

Information only: A woman and man are next door neighbors. The woman called the Sheriff's Office to report ongoing problems with her neighbor. A deputy responded to the scene and met with the woman who said that ever since the man and his girlfriend moved next door, she has been woken up during the night by music and other noise coming from her new neighbors' home. The woman had called the Sheriff's Office before, but the deputies have never heard the load noise themselves. The woman confronted the man about the issues and the man said if she continues to call law enforecment, he would file an injunction against her. The man texted the woman a photo of his patio which showed a decorative partition has been knocked over and he blamed the woman for it. The man had no other complaints about the woman.  He did not wish to have anything documented about the woman. The man and the woman agreed to cease speaking to each other and to take up any future issues they have with their landlord who owns both residences. The man said he determined that his partition was knocked over by weather and not by his neighbor. The woman wanted the incident documented in case any future problems arise. Both parties were provided with a case number. During the investigation, the deputy found no evidence of a crime being committed by either party. The woman was told to call the Sheriff's Office if the loud noise continues during the night.


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