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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2018 3 years ago

Angry waitress on the menu

Cops Corner for Lakewood Ranch, East County
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

March 20


6000 block of Exchange Way, Bradenton

Battery Incident: The Sheriff's Office was contacted because of an altercation at a restaurant. A waiter and waitress at the restaurant do not get along and they had words after the male employee told management the female employee had been talking on her cell phone during work. After the female worker learned she had been told on, she started waving menus in the waiter's face. The waitress told deputies the waiter grabbed her arm. A deputy looked at the restaurant's security video and saw that it looked like the waiter did not grab the waitress's arm, but only pushed the menus away from his face. The waitress had no marks or injuries to her arm. The waitress then filled out a waiver of prosecution form.


March 21


8000 block of Lakewood Main Street, Lakewood Ranch

Battery: A woman who works at a restaurant owned by her sister came to work expecting to get paid, but was told due to a identify theft problem, she couldn't get paid. The woman was angered and started to argue with her sister. The Sheriff's Office was contacted as the altercation escalated and turned physical. The owner eventually pushed her sister out of the back door of the restaurant into the parking lot, where they began wrestling on the ground. The fight was broken up, and the owner eventually was arrested.


March 22


7600 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Careless driving: A Sheriff's Office deputy monitoring traffic on Lockwood Ridge Road observed a car being driven aggressively as it approached a school bus, which was in the right lane headed southbound. A silver Acura, also southbound, was accelerating and weaving through traffic as it approached the school bus, and caused another vehicle to slam on its brakes to avoid a collision. The deputy initiated a traffic stop after deeming the driver to be a hazard to the other drivers on the road.  The driver identified himself and said he was late for work. He also said he was driving recklessly because somebody had been tailgating him and he was trying to get away. The deputy reported that was not what he observed. The driver had a disqualified license since April 20, 2017. He said he just hadn't updated his medical certification. He also said he drives a truck for work and had been using his Class A license as his Class E license. The man became angry when cited for careless driving and started to argue about what had happened. The deputy explained the man's options and the man replied that "I'll see you in court." The man was issued his summons for possession of a disqualified license and admitted he knew about it. He said he would take the state to court about his disqualified license as well.


March 23


14000 block of Newtonmore Lane, Bradenton

Accidental discharge of firearm: The Sheriff`s Office was contacted by a representative of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center when a patient was treated for a hand injury. The man had a gunshot wound and was interviewed by deputies who determined the injury was consistent with an accidental discharge of a firearm. Deputies checked out the scene of the injury and determined it was consistent with an accidental discharge. The victim suffered a flesh wound to his left hand and a fracture. He received 28 stitches and was released from the hospital.

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