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Cops Corner East County 7.23.15

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 6:00 a.m. July 22, 2015
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State Road 70 East

July 9
2:12 p.m. — 8700 block of State Road 70 East
Trespass Warning: A woman began grabbing doormats in front of businesses and throwing them, then entering each store and screaming sentences that did not make sense. When she reached a restaurant, she kicked its front door, causing the glass to break. When police confronted her about the damage, she continued speaking nonsense and did not know she had entered other stores screaming at patrons. The woman told police she has a mental illness and had not taken her medication. Police took her into custody under the Baker Act.

Old Grove Circle

July 10
4:41 a.m. — 10600 block of Old Grove Circle
Petit Theft: A man reported that he called a woman, whom he knows only by her first name, to come over to his home. He met the woman through a few months earlier and has used her escort service every week or two since then. After some small talk during their latest encounter, she told him to go take a shower. When he returned a few minutes later, she was gone and so was his wallet. He attempted to call the woman, but her voicemail box was full.

67th Street Circle East

July 13
12:01 p.m. — 600 block of 67th Street Circle East
Trespass Warning: A woman refused to vacate her motel room after receiving a notice of nonpayment. Police told the woman she was being trespassed, and she left without incident. While police were still at the scene, an unrelated man began shouting at office personnel about business practices.

38th Lane East

July 15
6600 block of 38th Lane East
Neighborhood Disturbance: A lawn service worker felt a sting on his back and discovered a red mark on his skin. He wasn’t sure whether it was a bug bite or the result of a man shooting a BB gun at him. He and another worker told police that the man frequently harasses them and calls them names while they are trying to do their work. They said he does crossbow and BB gun practice on his front porch and intimidates them. He also unleashed his dog, which ran up to one of the workers, earlier in the day. The man told police the workers are all illegal and that they have had a gun in the past and walk onto his property. He said he unleashed the dog because the workers came onto his property and that one of the workers kicked at his dog, which the worker denied.

43rd Street East

July 15
3:11 a.m. — 5600 block of 43rd Street East
Petit Theft: A man reported that his Confederate flag was stolen from his property. He had not planned to file a report because it was only valued at $40, but changed his mind after seeing a news story about a video posted on Facebook that shows a male removing the flag before running back to his vehicle. The news story stated that Sarasota police were investigating the theft. Police contacted the Sarasota Police Department, which asked the man to call back when detectives are on duty.

Oriole Drive

July 17
9:06 a.m. — 3100 block of Oriole Drive
Burglary: An unknown person removed a stainless steel refrigerator from a garage.



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