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Cops Corner East County 07.16.15

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 6:00 a.m. July 15, 2015
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Zipperer Road

July 2
12:35 a.m. — 1800 block of Zipperer Road
Battery: A woman hit her boyfriend with a lamp during a verbal argument. She was arrested and transported to jail. Her boyfriend refused medical treatment.

53rd Avenue East

July 3
11:14 a.m. — 2900 block of 53rd Avenue East
Trespass After Warning: A woman got upset after a discount chain would not hire her following a job interview and threw items all over the place while leaving the store. Store staff told her she was not allowed back inside and told her in a deputy’s presence that she would be arrested for trespassing if she attempted to re-enter. She said OK, then turned and ran back into the store. Police chased her to the middle of the store, where she was taken into custody for trespassing. The woman was laughing throughout the entire incident.

Fourth Avenue Northeast

July 3
11:38 a.m. — 6500 block of Fourth Avenue Northeast
Suspicious Incidents: A teen answered a knock at his door to find another male asking if his sister was there. He told him his sister was not in the home and had not lived there for some time, which upset the male at the door, who pulled something partially out of his pocket that appeared to be a handgun. He did not threaten the teen and said “What’s up?” before leaving the property in a blue sedan. The teen called his mother to let her know about the situation. An adult family friend arrived at the home and agreed to stay until the teen’s mother returned.

67th Street Circle

July 4
4:38 a.m. — 600 block of 67th Street Circle
Criminal Mischief: A man was arrested after he damaged a motel room by kicking in the door.

Estates Drive

July 4
10:08 a.m. — 8000 block of Estates Drive
Burglary: A man reported that someone entered his open garage and removed the bicycle. He said he leaves the garage door open most of the time.

State Road 64 East

July 4
7:55 p.m. — 6200 block of State Road 64 East
Shoplifting: A man got into a verbal argument with a liquor store sales clerk who carded him when he tried to buy alcohol. He went out to his vehicle and retrieved his ID. After the clerk verified his age, the man slid a debit card as if to make a payment but failed to enter a PIN number before grabbing the liquor and leaving the store and fleeing the scene in a black car.

Hollybush Terrace

July 4
9:34 p.m. — 12300 block of Hollybush Terrace
Criminal Mischief: A woman reported that an unknown person vandalized her cable box. It was the second act of vandalism in two months.

55th Avenue East

July 5
11:46 a.m. — 7200 block of 55th Avenue East
Trespass After Warning: Police gave a trespass warning to two men who were drinking and causing a disturbance at a gas station property. Both men left the area on foot.

Lake Osprey Drive

July 5
6:24 p.m. — 6200 block of Lake Osprey Drive
Trespass After Warning: A gas station employee asked police to trespass an irate customer. The woman yelled expletives at an officer when he walked in the store. Police escorted her off the property and told her she would be arrested if she returned. She stayed off the property for about 30 seconds, then began walking back toward two deputies, cursing. She was arrested and transported to jail.

54th Drive East

July 9
5:19 a.m. — 3100 block of 54th Drive East.
Battery: Two men confronted two males who were standing outside their home over a “petty issue” and began pushing and punching them with closed fists. The victims would only say that they knew the suspects through a friend of a friend. One victim suffered minor injuries but said he did not want to press charges. The other victim was uninjured but said he was unsure whether he wished to pursue charges. Both victims declined EMS treatment.


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