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Cops Corner: East County

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  • | 5:00 a.m. January 9, 2013
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The following information was gathered from incident and arrest reports obtained from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Dec. 14
Ambitious employee
12:50 a.m. — 7600 block of Lockwood Ridge Road.
Counterfeit/Forgery. A restaurant employee was fired after admitting to forging two checks against the owner of the restaurant. The owner’s losses totaled $516.62.

Dec. 26
Kept on truckin’
12:46 a.m. — 6400 block of Alpine Circle.
Vehicle Recovered for Other Agency. Deputies arrested a man who had multiple warrants and was driving a stolen truck with stolen tags. Deputies surrounded the man’s residence and arrested him in the backyard. A police department in Georgia confirmed that the truck had been stolen.

Dec. 26
Master plan
10 p.m. — 4400 block of 67th Avenue Circle East.
Information. A woman reported that an unknown boy and a group of girls might be seeking retaliation against her son for shooting a girl in the leg with an airsoft gun. The son’s father overheard the unknown boy and the group of girls saying, “Where is he at?” and “Where did he go?” as they pursued the son on their bicycles.

Dec. 28
Cyber creep
5:54 p.m. — Forest Park Circle.
Suspicious Incident Involving Children. The parents of two children reported that their kids were having a suspicious conversation on Facebook with a person they believed to be an adult. The contents of the conversation were strange but not criminal in nature.

Dec. 30
Neighborly quarrel
9:30 a.m. — 6900 block of 74th Street Circle East.
Trespass Warning. A man reported that he is having problems with a neighbor. The neighbor came to the man’s house and yelled at the man for walking his dog on the neighbor’s property. The man accused the neighbor of trespassing. A deputy explained the trespass warning to the neighbor, who said he understood the warning and would comply.

Dec. 30
Not so rosy
1:06 p.m. — 6200 block of State Road 64. 
Petit Grand Theft. Two suspects entered a department store and went to the electronics section. One of the suspects pulled a television from a shelf and placed it in a cart. The two suspects then exited through the store’s garden center without stopping to pay for the TV. Once outside, the suspects entered a red vehicle.

Dec. 30
Safe haven
6:44 p.m.—38400 block of Taylor Road.
Burglary Structure Unarmed. A man reported unknown person(s) entered his residence and took $900 in cash before fleeing the area. The suspect bypassed various valuables, instead pinpointing the safe hidden in a bathroom closet. The suspect suggested someone known to him with a drug problem might be responsible for the offense. The corresponding areas were fingerprinted with negative results.

Dec. 31
Double bogey
9:39 a.m. — 10300 block of Greenfield Boulevard. 
Lost Property Not Stolen. A woman reported she lost two diamond rings while playing golf. No one has turned in the property yet.



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