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East County Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018 1 year ago

Group of thieves arrested in Bradenton

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton and Sarasota.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Aug. 20


8200 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard, Bradenton

Retail theft: Two women and a man entered a clothing store and worked to select items and then conceal them. They would select items and slide them down one of the woman's pants or inside a black bag they had brought with them. Among the items the one woman shoved into her pants was a pair of tennis shoes. The man selected four bottles of cologne and stuffed them into his pockets. The entire incident was caught on video and witnessed by loss prevention employees. All three subjects exited the store together and were stopped by deputies. The amount of the items concealed was $402.73. All three subjects were arrested and transported to jai.

Aug. 22


6800 block of Country Club Lane, Sarasota

Information only: The Sheriff's Office was asked to respond because a man reported that while he was outside his home smoking a cigarette, he heard a noise on the side of his home. He said he saw a tall, thin male looking in the windows of the home. The first man said the man who was looking in the windows saw him and ran away. The first man said he chased the subject through his back yard until he lost sight of him.  The deputy noted when he was searching the area, he would see the grass was wet and when he shined his light across the yard, the only foot prints he saw were his own. He was the first man why he thought no other footprints could be seen and the man stuck with his story. The deputy said he could smell alcohol while talking to the first man. The man could provide no other  I should also note that I could smell alcohol while talking to the reporting party. The reporting party could only provide that it was a tall male with dark clothing, unknown race.

Aug. 22


200 block of 147th Street East, Bradenton

Information only: A man reported that a woman, about 18 to 20 years old, was caught on his security camera walking around his home. The woman looked into the front windows of the home and tried to open the front door. She walked into a fenced yard and onto the screened pool deck. She left when the homeowners' dogs started to bark at her. She walked to a blue Chrysler in the driveway and left. She was dressed in white sneakers, blue jeans and a black t-shirt with "Lion King" written on it. She was about 5-foot-5 and 105 pounds. She appeared to be alone.

Aug. 23


2900 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Found property: A bank employee contacted the Sheriff's Office to report a red and black zippered suitcase was found upright in one of the bank's parking spaces. Employees noticed the case but did not call deputies for more than two hours. A canine patrol arrived on the scene and checked the bag, but it was found to contain mostly clothes. The bank staff was told to contact deputies if they saw anything unusual. 

Aug. 24


14000 block of Cattle Egret Place, Bradenton

Domestic disturbance: A 17-year-old girl was involved in an accident with her family's car and was given a citation. Her father wanted her to take an online driver's class so his daughter would have the points for the citation removed and he would save money on his insurance. But the daughter refused to do it, saying she was too busy. The two were arguing in the garage over her attitude and she refused to get out of the hot car. The father called the Sheriff's Office to make his daughter get out of the hot car. When a deputy arrived, the daughter felt she could do want she wanted, because she was old enough. The deputy reported there were no signs of violence, only an unruly 17 year old failing to do what her father wanted. The deputy gave both the father and daughter domestic packets and the 17 year old agreed to get out of the car and take the traffic class.

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