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Cops Corner
East County Monday, Nov. 6, 2017 3 years ago

Cops Corner: Police suspect 'fowl' play in peacock shooting

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports from Manatee County.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Oct 24


6100 block of 63rd Street East, Bradenton

Found property: A man called the Sheriff's Office after he found a canoe while kayaking on the Braden River near Jiggs Landing. The man said he found the 14-foot, Old Towne canoe and towed it back to Jiggs Landing. The Sheriff's Office had no reports of any missing persons in the area and it also had no reports of a lost or stolen canoe. The Sheriff's Office took possession of the canoe. The man said he wanted to claim the canoe after 90 days if no one claimed it.


Oct. 26


8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Petit theft: A security employee at a department store called the Sheriff's Office after two men were caught stealing a car battery. The men went to the automotive department, selected a battery and put it into their cart, then passed all points of sale without paying. The security employee stopped them at the exit doors and took them to Asset Protection.


Oct 27


13000 block of 18th Place East, Bradenton

Torture animal with intent: The Sheriff's Office was notified after a peacock had been shot, possibly in a residential neighborhood by an unknown person. Residents of the neighborhood offered to pay the vet bill for the peacock, which survived the surgery. The veterinary said the shattered femur appeared to be from a bullet, possibly a .22. A patrol request was created for the listed area.


Oct. 28


11000 Upper Manatee River Road, Bradenton

Theft: A man called the Sheriff's Office because he saw his personal items being sold online on a website, "Bradenton Swap Shop." The man said someone had stolen the items from his home, but he didn't report them stolen. The victim went to the residence listed on the website and positive determined the items were his, and then contacted the Sheriff's Office. Interviews and investigations have been initiated.


Oct. 31


3000 block of 50th Avenue Drive East, Bradenton

Criminal Mischief: A woman called the Sheriff's Office because someone threw an egg at her home on Halloween. The egg struck and shattered an upstairs window. The woman heard the egg break the window and she didn't see who did it. Damage was estimated to be $150. Photos were taken of the damage and documented. The victim said she didn't know of anyone who would want to damage her property. She said a large amount of unattended children were in the area.

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