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Cops Corner
East County Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017 2 years ago

Cops Corner: Stranger 'checks up' on Myakka City woman

A round up of this week's most interesting police reports from Manatee County.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Sept. 1


13000 block of Luxe Avenue, Bradenton

Criminal Mischief: A man came into the Sheriff's Office to report his car was keyed at the apartment complex where he lives. The complex does not have assigned spots, but the man said he was forced to park in a spot where his neighbor always parks his car. He went out the next morning and his driver's side door was keyed. The man said no security cameras were on the site.


Sept. 13


26000 block of 82nd Avenue East, Myakka City

Suspicious Incident: The Sheriff's Office was called when a woman, sitting on her couch watching TV, saw someone with a flash light by her front door. The person knocked, then tried the door handle. The woman wasn't expecting anyone so she called her father, who in turn called a neighbor to check on her. Upon arrival, the neighbor found another neighbor, a man, standing by the front door. The man standing by the door said he was just checking on the woman, making sure she was OK. The woman said she never had any contact with the man. When deputies arrived, the man was told not to have any further contact with the woman because his actions had scared her.


Sept. 26


7800 block of Drayton Circle, Bradenton

Civil issue: A couple hired a contractor to do work on their house, a verbal agreement was made, the contractor was paid in cash and given a key to access the residence. The couple became disenchanted with the contractor's work and the couple claimed the contractor sent several rude and threatening text messages. The couple told the contractor he was no longer wanted to do work on their house and that he would not be allowed to come back to get his tools without being escorted by law enforcement. When the couple returned home the following day, the tools were gone and there was no sign of forced entry. No other items were missing. The couple sent the man a message and he replied that he has picked up his tools The couple told deputies they wanted to pursue charges because they felt the man broke into their house. Deputies advised the couple no crime had occurred and that it was a civil matter. The woman then said the man had broken several tiles, pointing to a pile of construction trash on the floor. The corners of the tile clearly were not intentionally broken. The woman was issued a case number.


Sept. 27


37000 State Road 70 East, Myakka City

Property destruction: Deputies were contacted when damage was found in Crane Park. A man had been doing donuts with his pickup in the grass common areas which caused lawn damage within the park, something that had been an ongoing issue. The county requested the Sheriff's Office to trespass anyone caught destroying the grass areas off the shell roads. Deputies caught the man with the pickup and issued him a verbal trespass warning.




12000 Mulberry Avenue, Bradenton

Trespass Warning: A Sheriff's Deputy was summoned when a man was observed at a closed community pool after hours. The man was observed on camera drinking beer and riding his scooter. The man was in the pool area all night. The deputy found the man at the pool the next morning looking for his electronic cigarette. The man was told he was no longer welcome at the pool. The man left without incident.

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