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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, May. 29, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner: East County


May 15
Prized jewel
8:03 a.m. — 8000 block of Natures Way.
Theft. A deputy responded to an assisted-living facility about an incident that happened seven days earlier. On that day, a deputy investigated a battery and theft of jewelry from an 86-year-old victim. An unknown person may have ripped the victim’s jewelry from her neck. On May 15, a piece of jewelry was found in the victim’s room, and the heart piece from the necklace was found on the dining room floor, after the floor had been cleaned. A female suspect of the theft and battery met with a manager. The manager fired the suspect.

May 20
Smash and dash
7:26 p.m. — 5500 block of Lakewood Ranch Boulevard
. Burglary. Unknown person(s) smashed out the passenger-side front window of a person’s vehicle, which was parked in the lot of a school. The person(s) removed an iPad Mini and the victim’s purse.

May 21
Functionless car
7:03 a.m. — 4800 block of Raintree Street Circle E
. Burglary. Unknown person(s) entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the victim’s driveway through an unlocked driver-side door. The person(s) took the victim’s keys to the car and a GPS unit on the front windshield.

No ride
2:02 p.m. —3200 block of 26th Avenue E. Burglary. Unknown person(s) stole a yellow bicycle from a driveway, before fleeing. The bicycle was freestanding and nothing was disturbed, so deputies could not gather fingerprints.

May 22
Handle with care
3:13 p.m. — 8000 block of Natures Way.
Lost Property. An elderly woman lost her gold bracelet at a memory-loss care center. She does not know how the bracelet came off her wrist. The woman’s son, who reported the incident, believes one of the center’s employees stole the bracelet. The center’s facility manager denied the accusation and said employees are checked before they leave the premises.

Rules of steel
2:18 p.m. — 6700 block of 26th Court E. Information Only. During an inspection of a recycling plant, deputies found two fire hydrants in a pile of steel. An employee of the plant gave deputies the name of the construction company that sold the hydrants. The deputy asked for paperwork authorizing the hydrants to be sold as scrap, and the employee could not produce any. Fire hydrants are a restricted metal under county ordinance. The deputy issued a warning to the plant employee.

May 23
Sleep invasion
4:21 p.m. — 8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road.
Trespass Warning. A property manager of a convenience store reported he has constant problems with homeless people sleeping on his property. He wants them trespassed. The property manager warned two homeless individuals that their presence is no longer welcome on the property, and if they return, they will go to jail. Both subjects said they understood and left the property.


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