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Cops Corner
East County Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017 11 months ago

Best of Cops Corners 2017

The East County Observer highlights the best and strangest Cops Corners of 2017.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Feb 12


5100 block of 76th Street, East, Bradenton

Suspicious incident: Sheriff's Office deputies were summoned to a home where they found a "lower mandible of human origin" in a planter in front of the home. Most of the teeth were missing the jawbone's color was a pale yellow, according to the report. The deputy notified a supervisor who sent a detective and crime scene personnel to the home. The bone ended up being a Halloween decoration.


Feb. 13


6600 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Possible battery: Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a fast-food restaurant after two of the employees got into an altercation. A female employee said a male employee because upset because she wanted to serve a customer as the store was closing. The woman claims the man pushed her to the floor. She said the man threw tartar sauce on her. The man said the woman made a rude comment toward him and then threw tartar sauce on him. There were no witnesses and the store did not have any cameras that could be viewed. Tarter sauce was covering both the man and woman. There was also ice cream mix all over the floor. Both parties signed a wavier of prosecution and agree to have the consequences of their actions handled by their general manager.


March 15


8100 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard, Bradenton

Theft: A couple dined at a restaurant and decided to dash without paying the check. They left $5 on the table for a meal that cost $68.80. The Sheriff's Office was called and a deputy went to the scene. The woman who had dashed left her wallet in the booth and it contained her driver's license. The staff had originally picked up the wallet and checked the ID to return the wallet before noticing they had not paid their bill. The wallet and its contents were entered into property and evidence. The woman later returned, and she struck an agreement with the restaurant to pay the bill in full and therefore was presented with a waiver of prosecution. 


March 28


2000 block of 64th Street Court East, Bradenton

Information only: A Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched in reference to loose pigs wandering into a woman's yard and digging up the grass. The pigs had escaped by the time the deputy arrived. The woman said the pigs were babies and belonged to a neighbor and she stated they have been loose several times doing damage to her lawn. She said she couldn't afford to keep laying new sod on her yard and to fix her fence. The deputy advised her he would take the report to the neighbor. The neighbor advised the deputy they were his pigs and since they were small, they could dig themselves out of their pen. He said the woman has been trying to get him to pay for her yard. The deputy advised him to do what he could to ensure the pigs stay on his property, and a report was taken.


July 9


2800 block of University Parkway, Sarasota.

Simple Battery: Two adult women got into a verbal argument outside a grocery story about whether one of them could park iin the "Expectant Mother" parking spot. Eventually, the two women started to shove each other. A witness was no willing to provide a statement but video footage was taken by the store. When the women finally walked away from each other, one of the women grabbed the other women's purse and threw it at her. Both women signed waivers of prosecution.


Aug. 2


8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Simple battery: A man pulled up to a restaurant with his girlfriend for breakfast. When he got out of his car, another man ran up to him, started screaming at him, and then began throwing punches. When the first man's girlfriend got out of the car, the man throwing punches looked at her and said, "Oh, sorry, I thought you were with my girlfriend." The man then got into a Ford Mustang and left. When Sheriff's Office deputies arrived, they were given the man's license plate number. The first man sustained only a minor scratch.




12000 Mulberry Avenue, Bradenton

Trespass Warning: A Sheriff's Deputy was summoned when a man was observed at a closed community pool after hours. The man was observed on camera drinking beer and riding his scooter. The man was in the pool area all night. The deputy found the man at the pool the next morning looking for his electronic cigarette. The man was told he was no longer welcome at the pool. The man left without incident.


Nov. 16


6200 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Petit Theft: A loss prevention employee for a department store called the Sheriff's Office after watching a man come into the store, select a shoe cleaning product off the shelf and then shine his shoes. The suspect also went to the jewelry department and selected a jewelry cleaning product and then conceal it in his pants. The suspect went to a fast food store within the department store and sat for 10 minutes before leaving the store. The man was stopped by security. The amount of the stolen items was $20.28. The man had $350 in his wallet at the time of his arrest.


Nov. 26


Deer Point Crossing, Panther Ridge Trail, Bradenton

Found property: The Sheriff's Office was contacted with a report to a found body, wrapped in a blanket, in the parking area south of the intersection. Upon examination of the body, it was determined to be an anatomically correct doll. Deputies collected the doll to be placed into property and evidence for safe keeping.

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