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Cops Corner

Evicted couple fills the dumpster on the way out

Large furniture and other items placed in and around an apartment complex's trash left it inaccessible. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. May 8, 2024
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Wednesday, April 24

Camping out

12:40 p.m., 400 block of North Lockwood Ridge Road

Disturbance: An encampment of two residents on the lawn of the home they were recently locked out of by the owner prompted a neighbor to call law enforcement. She advised that there appeared to be homeless persons residing outside on one side of the house.

Officers contacted the owner who lives in and owns the property who said he told the two individuals to leave the home, but he can’t afford the legal process of eviction, meaning they still have rights to be on the property. Whether that right extends to living al fresco remains to be seen.

As this has been an issue for several weeks, an officer contacted city code enforcement for assistance.

Thursday, April 25

Uber-delayed report

10:27 a.m., 700 block of South Gulfstream Avenue

Property damage: A nearly month-old instance of a vehicle backing into a pole and causing damage in the parking area of a business was investigated by an officer who was advised by the complainant that the damage occurred on April 1. 

A ride-share driver backed into the pole after dropping off a passenger, according to the complainant. Video of the incident showed a male driver stepping out of the vehicle and moving the pole back upright. However, the incident did leave minor damage to the pole. The type of pole involved in the hit/tilt/straighten/and run incident was not described.

One of the passengers gave the name of the driver to the complainant, who was then contacted by the officer. The driver stated he would contact the business and resolve the issue.

Friday, April 26

Misplaced blame

9:26 a.m., 1500 block of Boulevard of the Arts

Harassment: Having been terminated by his employer, a man has been harassing an employee of a company that placed him there. The complainant told an officer she assisted in placing the subject with a local medical employer approximately four months ago. 

For unknown reasons, the man was terminated, and for even more unknown reasons, has since been taking out his frustrations on the placement agency in general and the complainant in particular. The harassment includes text messages to both her personal and work phones.

An officer determined the texts are not threatening to the point of criminal acts, but they suggest a hostile, racist and possibly violent nature.

The staffing agency has reached out to the subject’s former employer to make it aware of the situation. The victim and the staffing agency requested the incidents be documented. The officer urged the victim to block the subject’s number, then left a voicemail on his phone to call back.

Saturday, April 27

Dumpster ire

10:17 a.m., 2600 block of Hidden Lake Drive

Civil dispute: Having been evicted by an apartment complex management company, the two former tenants left a large amount of personal property in and around the dumpster, preventing residents from using it and waste disposal from collecting it.

The complaint said the evicted tenants, a man and woman whose relationship was not specified, had cleaned out their unit and hired a moving company to move large items to the dumpster. They included sofas, a playpen, wicker furniture and Christmas decorations. The manager said she confronted the pair, telling them they would have to pay for a junk removal company to collect the items. Both, she said, ignored her and told her to "take it up with the sheriff's department.”

She did take it up with SPD, and was advised the incident is civil in nature and that no crime, other than one against good taste, had been committed.


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