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Man's dinner comes with a communications gap and a head slap

Dining al fresco on Main Street, a victim reported a racial slur followed by an assault. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. July 3, 2024
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Friday, June 21

Bird watching

7:10 p.m., Lido Beach

Dispute: After a woman argued with a man about his proximity to a bird sanctuary enclosure on the beach, an officer responded to investigate. The complainant called to report the man potentially bothering the threatened birds while walking a parasail toward the water, passing too closely to the birds.

The complainant said she works for a nonprofit that helps keep sea birds (black skimmers) safe during mating season. She told an officer the man did not enter the enclosure or touch any birds, but that she told him to get away from the enclosure. The man took exception to her order, which led to a brief verbal altercation before the man continued toward the water.

After discussing the incident with a Florida Wildlife Commission officer, it was determined that no code violation had occurred.

Defending her honor

10:52 p.m., 1500 block of Main Street

Assault: An officer was flagged down by a man following a scuffle that occurred on the sidewalk along Main Street. The complainant stated he was walking on the sidewalk with his girlfriend when three males approached and began speaking inappropriately to his girlfriend. 

After responding to the remarks, the complainant said it became physical as the subjects punched both himself and his girlfriend. Although the girlfriend did not wish to report the incident, the complainant said his front tooth was cracked during the altercation and wished to have it documented. 

The three subjects had already left the scene, though.

Sunday, June 23

Keeping it covered

400 block of Benjamin Franklin Boulevard

Disturbance: Threats of performing a lewd and lascivious act prompted a complainant to call law enforcement, even though the expressed intent of a man to expose himself never happened. The complainant described the subject, but an initial search of the area yielded negative results.

As officers were preparing to leave, the same complainant flagged them down after locating the subject, who told officers a second unknown person told him to expose himself, at which he became upset. He added that he was waiting for a friend but would leave the area. It was determined he did not fit the criteria for Baker Act or Marchman Act. After stating he lives in Venice, he walked away from the area. It was determined no crime had occurred, although questions about who told him to expose himself — real or imagined — or why remain unanswered.

Tuesday, June 25

Real head slapper

10:03 p.m., 1300 block of Main Street

Disturbance: Enjoying a late evening al fresco dining experience, a man told police an unknown female approached and attempted to talk to him. He advised her he could not understand her because of her heavy Spanish accent and she also appeared to be intoxicated, adding she kept repeating the word “black” in reference to his skin color.

The complainant said he “kindly” asked the woman to leave him alone, and when she began to walk away slapped him on the back of the head. He advised that he “gently” pushed her away and immediately contacted law enforcement.

After being identified, an officer spoke with the subject who was indeed highly intoxicated and could not complete a sentence. It was determined that a battery had occurred, but the complainant declined to press charges. The woman left the area with a friend and with no further incident.


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