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Man harrassed by woman after brief relationship ends

After meeting a man on a dating app and traveling to Florida, a woman won't let things come to an end. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. March 20, 2024
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Friday, March 9

Locked up but not locked out

2:47 a.m., 1200 block of Benedict Court

Civil disturbance: Responding to a possible residential burglary, officers met with a woman had called dispatch over someone breaking into her residence. By the time officers arrived, a man was inside and the complainant explained to them that he had lived at the home for four months, earning room and board by maintaining and helping to make repairs to the property. However, he had been missing since December and the woman considered that as abandonment and removed his belongings from the property.

An officer was then informed by the man that he did not abandon the property, but that he was arrested in December, had just been released that night and returned home. Still insisting the man abandoned the home, the woman was informed that the address was his established place of residency and he should be allowed to return. 

She was advised if she wanted to have the man evicted that it was a civil matter and that law enforcement could not have him removed.

Saturday, March 10

Hook-up harassment

9:24 p.m., 1600 block of Laurel Street

Dispute: A man told an officer he was being harassed by a woman whom he had recently met. He said he met the woman on a dating app and paid to fly her here, after which a brief intimate relationship ensued. The man said he broke off the relationship five days prior.

Since then, he said the woman has been constantly calling and texting him, irate about how the relationship ended. Although he said he felt threatened, the woman had not made any threats nor had she been at the residence since the relationship ended. 

While the officer was present, the woman called. The officer explained to her that the man wished to end the relationship and wanted her to stop contacting him. Both were advised to discontinue any contact and move on.

Hotel hostility

1:37 p.m., 1100 block of Ritz Carlton Drive

Disturbance: An officer was approached by hotel staff and asked to stand by for a possible dispute. The manager advised that an employee had made concerning comments earlier in the day and had planned to address the issue with her and human relations staff, and was concerned she would cause a disturbance during the meeting.

The employee, hotel management said, had earlier made a comment to co-workers that she would “shoot the place up.” Once she was confronted in the meeting with the officer present, she was apologetic, admitted to using a poor choice of words and had made the remark out of anger over low wages. 

She was ordered to leave the premises, told she would be placed on administrative leave until the company’s investigation was complete, and may not return unless notified. The officer escorted the woman off the property without incident.

Roof rangers

1:30 a.m., 1500 block of Main Street

Trespassing: While on patrol, an officer was flagged down by staff of a restaurant because three males had climbed on top of the roof without permission. The officer located the three and ordered them down. They advised that they were bored and “wanted to have fun.”

The officer advised they were being issued a trespassing warning, explained to them the boundaries of the property and that if they returned would be subject to arrest. 

Monday, March 11

Mystery woman

9:04 a.m., Fruitville Road near North Orange Avenue

Dispute: Officers spoke with a subject who stated an unknown woman with red hair told him to follow her. He said he did not follow her and left the area. Officers then spoke with a complainant who advised the subject was standing outside a nearby store holding a “pipe,” tapping it into his hand while stating to no one in particular, "I'll make you bleed.” 

The complainant said he walked past the pipe-wielding subject who made no advance on him, but he did feel “assaulted” by him. The subject denied having any form of weapon, and a search of his person revealed no pipe or any other threatening object. He then left the area without incident. The alleged woman with red hair was not found, nor was it determined why it was relevant to the complaint.

She did say 'Call the police!'

9:22 a.m., 2600 block of Cocoanut Bay Lane

Disturbance: A woman called law enforcement because she overhead a woman down the hall from her apartment yell “Call the police!” As officers were speaking with the complainant, a man approached them and asked if they were responding to a disturbance emanating from his apartment. 

The man advised he and his partner were having an argument, and that whenever they argue she screams loudly. He said when he told her that the neighbors were going to call the police because of her screaming, she began yelling, “Call the police!” as overhead by the neighbor who did just that.

Officers spoke with the woman separately, who said she and the man were arguing over not having enough bottled water or clean laundry. With three children between the ages of 3 months and 3 years years old, the woman said she feels overwhelmed from taking care of them, and regrets that her neighbors can hear her yelling. 

Stating the dispute was verbal in nature, she added that she would never allow a man to hit her because she knows jiu-jitsu and would not hesitate to put a man in jail. 

Or, apparently, in traction.

Officers observed no signs of a physical altercation, nor reported any demonstration that the woman was a martial artist. Both parties advised officers they needed nothing further from them.

Tuesday, March 12

Request granted

11:30 p.m., 1900 block of Ringling Boulevard

Disturbance: Officers met with a bartender about a man who was causing a disturbance in the outside seating area of a bar. The staff had been asked by customers to have the man removed because he was inebriated and screaming profanities. Officers asked the man to leave, but he refused. While standing nearby they could smell the strong odor of alcohol.

When approached by officers, the man continued to refuse to leave and told them to take him to jail. They obliged by taking him into custody and transporting him to Sarasota County Jail.


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