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Woman arrested after assault by spray bottle

A domestic dispute call ended with a woman being arrested for throwing a spray bottle at her boyfriend. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. March 6, 2024
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Friday, Feb. 23

Damage during transport

6:44 p.m., 900 block of University Parkway

Civil dispute: Claiming that a vehicle was damaged during transport from Phoenix to Sarasota, the transport truck driver told officers the sports car struck a support beam while en route. 

The complainant pointed out damage to the rear bumper, front bumper, hood and driver side door, damage that was not present prior to transport. The damaged areas included body panels, hardware and the custom camouflage wrap.

The complainant requested a police report because when he confronted the driver about the damage, he was told his options were to either take the car and not pay the $1,000 transport fee, or, pay the transport fee and file a claim. The officer witnessed the complainant make a $1,000 payment. Both were provided with the information and were advised it was a civil dispute, and that the complainant should contact his insurance company.

Hammer time

3 p.m. Palmedia Avenue

Dispute: The complainant reported he was assaulted approximately 45 minutes earlier by a boarding house roommate known only as “G Money.” He advised that he had just returned home when he thought he heard the landlord at the residence and went to the front door to check. There, Mr. Money was sitting in a chair outside, whom the complainant asked if the landlord had been there.

That’s when G. Money allegedly told the complainant to go back to his room, to which he responded that Money should engage in an anatomically impossible act and that “I’m not an 8-year-old. You don't tell me what to do!”

In an enraged reaction to that retort, the complainant said the roommate picked up a hammer and approached him in a threatening manner. Telling him was going to call the police, the roommate then backed down. The hammer was described as having a black handle, dirty yellow shaft and a black, rusty head. Despite the detailed description, the officer was unable to locate the would-be bludgeoning weapon. Also, G Money was not at the residence at that time.

The complainant contacted the landlord and was provided with G Money’s true identity, which contains neither the letter G nor any reference to legal tender. He completed a written statement, wished to prosecute and was advised that if the subject returned to the residence to call law enforcement.

Saturday, Feb. 24

Assault by spray bottle

2:39 p.m., 1700 block of 17th Street

Domestic disturbance: After an argument between a couple became heated, an officer responded and made contact with a woman who stated she was in a dispute with her live-in boyfriend. She claimed the incident escalated after the boyfriend called her derogatory names and threatened to burn the house down.

The man denied making any such threat, then told the officer that the woman had thrown a spray bottle at him, striking him on the shoulder. 

Although the spray bottle did not result in any injury, and the man did not report being battered, the officer wrote in the report, “I believe there was probable cause against (the woman) for domestic battery because the thrown spray bottle stuck (the man) against his will.” 

The woman was arrested and transported to Sarasota County Jail.

Tuesday, Feb. 27

A $3K scratch

1 p.m., 3300 block of South Tamiami Trail

Criminal mischief: Citing damage to his uniquely colored Porsche 911 while parked in a bank parking lot, a man estimated the damage to the car to be more than $3,000 because of the manufacturer's specialty paint. The complainant parked his 2016 sportster in the rear parking lot of the bank at around 8 a.m., at which time he said the vehicle had no scratches. He approached the car during lunch, at which time he saw the damage.

He knows the damage occured during that time frame, he said, because the vehicle is worth more than $100,000 and he maintains meticulous care of it. He said he believes the scratch was caused by a key. The officer described the scratch to the rear quarter panel of the car as “fresh.” There were no video cameras covering that area of the parking lot. 


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