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Police respond twice to a skirmish over a bicycle

Officers encounter an embattled couple two times in one night in a dispute over ownership of a bike.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. June 5, 2024
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Wednesday, May 22

Pile of pallets

2:59 p.m., 3300 block of Central Avenue

Illegal dumping: A property manager reported several incidents of dumping on the property by unknown subjects. While inspecting the debris, an officer noted a home improvement store's pickup label that included a man’s name and phone number.

The officer called the number and made contact with the subject who advised he recalls getting a construction job off Craigslist two weeks prior, and that wooden pallets left at that site were planned to be removed by his client and sold. Because those pallets were removed, he was unaware of their disposal.

The contractor said he would send the officer a text message with his client’s information when he has an opportunity to search his records. No further action was taken at the time of filing the incident report.

Bike battle

7:09 p.m., First Street and Pineapple Avenue intersection

Disturbance: A man flagged down an officer, identified himself and said his wife stole his bicycle, locked it to a nearby bike rack and refused to give it back. The couple is reportedly well-known to law enforcement for continuously arguing.

The officer determined that because the couple was married the two-wheeler was jointly owned. There was no injunction for protection in place preventing them from speaking with each other, and both parties were advised to stay away from the other and went their separate ways.

Bike battle, the sequel

10:39 p..m., Fourth Street near North Lemon Avenue

Disturbance: Just more than three hours after their first encounter with law enforcement, the couple arguing over possession of a bicycle moved a few blocks away where officers responded to the wife yelling for someone to call the police.

The woman reported that after the initial police contact she had left the area and intended to separate herself from her husband for the night. She said that he had found her and tried to take the bicycle from her, which is when she began yelling for help. The husband countered that he had not been looking for her, but did happen upon her and tried to apologize for the earlier incident.  That’s when she started “freaking out,” according to the man, and started yelling for police.

Neither party said a physical altercation had occurred, only that the argument had, once again, been about the bicycle. The couple was advised, once again, that as a married couple ownership of property is a civil matter, which both acknowledged they understood.

Both were advised to give each other space for the time being before the dispute escalated to a level of requiring police action. No further action was taken.

They don’t love beach music

11:25 a.m., 2200 block of Benjamin Franklin Drive

Noise complaint: Ongoing noise issues at Ted Sperling Park at South Lido Beach prompted city and county law enforcement response for a complaint over loud noise levels emanating from several boats in the water just north of Big Pass. 

All of the beachgoers, it was noted, were respectful, and turned their music down upon sight of law enforcement. 

A short time later, a second complainant reported a noise complaint about the same issue. The woman said she was a resident of Orchid Beach Club who, like the previous complainant, was assured that her concerns were valid. 

Enforcement, however, remains a challenge. The officer said he and his county counterpart continued educating beachgoers and boaters regarding safety and respect for the rights of others to enjoy the beach in peace and tranquility.

A noise meter reading was not conducted because the amount of noise generated by people and passing watercraft would not render accurate data.

Sunday, May 26

Disorderly dancing

12:39 a.m., 1500 block of Main Street

Dispute: Having been escorted out of a restaurant and bar in the wee hours of the morning, a complainant reported being hit by a bouncer, but then refused to cooperate with officers when informed the incident had not been captured on video.

The complainant advised that he was battered inside the club by a security guard, claiming he was dancing and the bouncer told him to stop and hit him for no reason. The security guard in question countered that the man and eight others were “dancing disorderly” and, having asked the group to conduct themselves more civilly, one of them tossed a drink in his face. 

At that, the guard asked the group to leave and, with assistance from more security personnel, escorted them outside the establishment. He further stated that the complainant refused to leave, so he physically carried him out and that, while doing so, the disorderly dancer started to punch him.

The officer reported the complainant “seemed to be intoxicated" and refused to cooperate. The officer was unable to determine if a crime had been committed.

Monday, May 27

Daughter debt collector

9:29 a.m., 2200 block of Central Avenue

Civil dispute: Several officers responded to what a complainant believed to be criminal communications via text messages received from her daughter. The complainant said she is having issues with her daughter, who was aggressively attempting to be repaid money owed her.

The complainant admitted to owing the money, but did not presently have the funds to pay her. She further clarified that the money is technically owed to her daughter’s boyfriend, who is in prison. The officer called the daughter and advised her to stop messaging her mother, but her child said she was upset and did not care if her mother died. All she cared about was the money owed her and her incarcerated boyfriend.

The officer showed the complainant how to block phone numbers and provided her a case number in the event further action needed to be taken.


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