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Dissatisfied diner calls police over service dispute

A woman wants officers to file a report following a dispute with a server and manager. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. January 31, 2024
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Wednesday, Jan. 17

Difficult diner

7:30 p.m., South Palm Avenue

Civil dispute: A restaurant patron who was less than satisfied with her meal and server wanted to file a police report regarding her experience. A repeat customer who is usually pleased with her dining experiences said a dish she ordered was not prepared properly and sent it back to the kitchen, requesting it be remade.

Meanwhile, she requested more bread be brought to the table, which she said was not delivered in a timely manner. She then told the officer that when the check was brought to the table that the server threw it at her. Afterward, she said a manager approached her, began pointing his finger at her and demanded she leave. The complainant said she felt she was approached in a threatening manner.

The server told the officer that when she attempted to check on the table after the dish was replaced, the complainant would not acknowledge her presence. She added during her entire interaction with the complainant and her companion that they were very impatient and spoke down to her.

She also advised that when she provided the check to the table, the complainant called her a rude colloquialism reserved for a female dog, wolf, fox or otter. The server notified her manager of the encounter, who then approached the couple and requested they leave the premises.

As the officer explained to the complainant that no laws were broken and no law enforcement action was warranted, she became upset and advised that she intended to file a complaint against the two responding officers.

Thursday, Jan. 18

Drinking and dancing

11:04 p.m., 900 block of South Tuttle Avenue

Dispute: An officer met with the complainant because her roommate, who is being evicted on Jan. 31, was drinking and cursing at her as she danced in a common room of the residence. She advised that the incident was captured on video by her son on his cellphone.

The video shows the man walking shirtless in the common room away from the complainant, cursing and holding what appears to be a bottle of alcohol. In a second video, he can be seen walking out the front door and mumbling something to himself.

Officers unsuccessfully attempted to make contact with the subject and advised the complainant to keep her distance from the man while in the common room.

Saturday, Jan. 20

Dine and dash

12:21 p.m., 1900 block of Dr. MLK Way

Disturbance: Officers were dispatched to a facility where the complainant said a man came into the building and grabbed food without following the correct protocols or receiving permission. He then left on foot toward a nearby park.

The complainant said she did not wish to press charges but asked officers to speak with the subject to inform him next time he enters property he would be trespassed. Officers educated the subject on the trespass warning process. 

Officers located the subject who did not wish to identify himself and stated his name was “hungry.” When informed that next time he is on the property he would receive a trespass warning, the subject said he did not believe he did anything wrong and walked away.

Sunday, Jan. 21

No good deed …

1:24 p.m., Circus Boulevard near 17th Street

Illegal dumping: A complainant told an officer he has observed the same man dumping trash in front of a “no dumping” sign off Circus Boulevard on several occasions. He said he sees the subject walking along Circus Boulevard with a picker retrieving trash and piling it in front of the sign. The complainant stated that he has called numerous times, but each time SPD responds the subject is no longer in the area.

The complainant said he has followed the subject to what he assumes is his residence, and spoke to him. He advised the subject told him he places it there because the city of Sarasota will pick it up from that location. The complainant said he would like the subject to stop leaving trash there. 

The officer reported the individual’s home is in Sarasota County jurisdiction. Based on the complainant’s statements, it appears that the man believes he is doing the right thing by cleaning up trash but he is disposing of it incorrectly.


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