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Cops Corner

Teen advised against phony fighting in public

Responding to a reported brawl, police were told it was all make-believe. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. September 13, 2023
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Friday, Sept. 1

Family backup

5:46 p.m. Cocoanut Avenue near Myrtle Street

Dispute: Having been nearly struck by a car, a complainant told an officer she was in the street talking to a man in his vehicle. She said she responded by striking the passing car with a grocery bag in order to get the driver’s attention.

It worked. The driver of the offending car, also a female, reportedly stopped and began yelling at her. The complainant said the woman told her she “didn’t want any of this” and that she “has 10 brothers,” apparently without specifying what her brothers would do about the situation. 

The complainant said the woman then drove off. The complainant was unable to provide an actionable description of the car or the driver and no further investigation ensued.

Sunday, Sept. 3

A pane in the glass

12:10 a.m., 2200 block of Dixie Avenue

Property damage: A juvenile yelled to his mother after his bedroom window was broken from the outside by an unknown assailant, prompting her to call law enforcement. The woman reported she heard her son yelling while she was in the living room at approximately 11:55 p.m. Both confirmed they did not see anyone outside as the curtain was drawn. 

The outside pane was broken but the inner pane remained intact. Officers canvassed the surrounding area, locating no witnesses or camera footage. The boy’s mother said he gets into fights at school and this incident could be related, but no names were mentioned.

Monday, Sept. 4

Fake fight

7:30 p.m., 3500 block of Goodrich Avenue

Fight: Officers were dispatched to investigate a fight in progress. Upon arrival, they met with a juvenile who stated he was “play fighting” with friends in his front yard. He further stated there were no issues with anyone and everyone had left the area prior to the officers’ arrival. The juvenile was advised to be more cognizant of his surroundings because of others' belief that he was fighting.

Tuesday, Sept. 5

Planter pot perp

5:33 p.m., 1100 block of Cocoanut Avenue

Property damage: Police were dispatched to an apartment building to investigate a potential perpetrator of damaged porch planter pots. The complainant stated she was in an argument the day prior with her neighbor, and afterward noticed one of her small planter pots was broken. The next morning, she said she woke to find some plants removed from her pots and more pots damaged. She added she suspects the neighbor because they have never gotten along. 

The victim said the value of her pots was $75. There were no witnesses or any cameras that captured evidence of anyone damaging the pots. 


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