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Report of smoking hot clothing at Sarasota laundromat

Likely overdrying at a laundromat scorched a full load of clothes. These and other tales from the files of the SPD in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. September 6, 2023
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Wednesday, Aug. 23

Unwelcome homecoming

6:21 p.m.,1700 block of Wisconsin Lane

Civil dispute: A tenant who had been in California for 40 days returned to find his belongings disposed of and himself evicted from the home in which he had resided for approximately one year.

The complainant told an officer he stayed at the house free of charge in exchange for occasionally doing work for the owner. The owner said she attempted to complete an eviction process, but the man had left the state before she could file for a court date. Unaware the complainant would return, she got rid of his belongings.

The owner advised she would obtain an eviction notice as soon as possible. The complainant agreed to leave the residence for the night and was advised of the legal process for a civil dispute.

Saturday, Aug. 26

The yolk’s on him

12:39 p.m., SPD headquarters

Property damage: Having his car egged the previous night near the area of Palm Avenue and Main Street, a complainant contacted police by phone to report the incident. He advised he parked his white Mercedes sedan near the intersection and was later that night taken home by a friend. He returned to retrieve his vehicle at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, when he discovered the incident.

The complainant advised he took the vehicle to a car wash and then went home to report the incident. No further action was taken.

Hot outfits

1:55 p.m., 1000 block of Colleton Drive

Civil dispute: Burned clothes brought police to a laundromat where the complainant said she placed her clothes and those of a friend into a dryer for approximately one hour, resulting in several burns to the clothing. She added they had been to the laundromat several times without any issues.

The complainant said the dryer began smoking and the fire department responded, but found no active fire. She removed a bag of clothing to show police obvious signs of damage to several items, estimating the value at approximately $350 to $400. The officer contacted the manager on scene who advised there are several posted signs warning about the use of the dryer. 

The signs advise to not use more than six quarters and to dry clothes based on the clothing tag recommendations. The sign also states the laundry mat is not responsible for damaged clothing.

Intolerance for drinking

3:28 p.m., 3100 block of Novus Court

Civil dispute: Reporting that a landlord had entered his room while he was in bed, hovered above him and demanded he leave, a complainant called police to settle the dispute. The landlord reported she was having trouble with the tenant because she discovered he had a “drinking problem” even after telling him she would not tolerate anyone with such an issue.

An officer informed the property owner that it was a civil matter because it isn't illegal to be intoxicated in your own home. Further, the landlord was instructed to undertake the formal eviction process to have the tenant removed.

Tuesday, Aug. 29

One last sunset

7:44 p.m., 1700 block Ken Thompson Parkway

Dispute: While on routine patrol an officer was flagged down by a man in reference to his girlfriend. The man stated that she wanted to see the sunset before going to detox, but then ran from their vehicle. While on scene, the woman returned to the vehicle and the officer determined she did not meet the criteria for further action. The man requested transport to the mainland to go to work, and the woman drove away without issue. The officer transported the man to the SCAT terminal in downtown.


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