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Man accuses hair stylist of having an affair with his wife

Both customers of a salon, a man confronted a hairdresser over a late-evening phone call to his wife. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. November 15, 2023
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Thursday, Nov. 2

A hairy situation

8:55 a.m., 1200 block of North Palm Avenue

Disturbance: The owner of a salon called law enforcement regarding a married couple who frequent his establishment for services causing a dispute over allegations of a relationship between the complainant and the customer’s wife. 

An officer was told by the husband that the salon owner called his wife late in the evening and that he believes they are involved in a relationship, but he does not have any proof.

The officer advised the couple to seek another salon for their hair service needs and also suggested they seek couples counseling, to which they agreed. The officer also advised the business owner to no longer provide services to the woman and to not interact with the couple. No further action was taken.

Saturday, Nov. 4

Turn it down

4:42 a.m., 1600 block of Eighth Street

Disturbance: Loud music coming from a street car parked on the street in the early hours of the morning and a resulting confrontation prompted a sleep-deprived resident to call law enforcement. The complainant told officers that the male subject was playing music loudly in his car near her bedroom window. She said she went outside, knocked on his window and asked him to turn the music down, which he did. 

She then went back outside a second time to write down the vehicle information, which is when the subject exited his vehicle and began yelling at her. An officer then spoke with the subject, who admitted to playing music loudly, and that the complainant was aggressively banging on his window and demanding he lower the volume. He also conceded that he then exited the vehicle and began arguing with her.

In conclusion, the subject said the complainant throws parties every week and did not understand why she had issue with the music in his vehicle. What one circumstance had to do with the other was not disclosed, and no further action was taken.

Sunday, Nov. 5

A spilled drink

10:10 p.m., 0 block of North Lemon Avenue

Disturbance: An intoxicated man spilling another male patron’s drink on him resulted in a disturbance, the manager of a purveyor of spirits advised an officer while asking that the subject and his third-party companion leave the business for the evening. The tipsy libation tipper provided an officer with a Finland identification card, but did not give a local address. The subject’s friend advised that he had ordered a rideshare car for both of them and that they intended to leave the scene.

Meanwhile, the patron wearing the cocktail declined to provide information for the report. No further action was taken.


8 p.m., 1500 block of 24th Street

Disturbance: A dispute between neighbors resulted in an object being thrown by a juvenile and denting a man’s car. Four officers responded to the call as they tried to sort out the source of the dispute. The complainant said he witnessed one of the juveniles throwing a stick at his car, resulting in a 3-inch dent.

Officers met with the child’s mother, who said her 6-year-old son told her that the complainant had pushed him down in the shared parking lot, and he avenged the alleged shove by throwing the object at the vehicle. 

They then interviewed a 15-year-old witness who said the stick thrower had been following the man in the parking lot “talking smack” when the man turned and used a single hand to shove the child to the ground. There were no injuries observed on the child. 

The man denied pushing the boy, claiming that he was following him so closely that when he turned around the boy fell because of incidental contact. The man said he did not want any enforcement action taken regarding the damage to the vehicle, only that he wanted the harassment to end. The boy’s mother also did not request enforcement action regarding the shoving allegation, only that she wanted the man to leave her children alone.

No further action was taken.


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