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Cops Corner

Double trouble at a bail bond business

A man was refused a refund from a bail bondsman after learning a relative had already been bonded out. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. November 1, 2023
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Sunday, Oct. 22

Unwanted guest

11:07 p.m., 2900 block of Saralake Drive South

Civil dispute: A woman called officers to her home with a complaint that a male subject, who is her male roommate’s brother, was living there without permission while she was out of town.

The woman stated she did not give the subject permission to stay at the residence and that she was receiving notices from the HOA about an unauthorized tenant. Although the subject was not present during the call, an officer spoke with the woman’s roommate who advised that she did give him permission prior to leaving for her trip approximately three weeks earlier. He said he believes she is forgetting due to having a medical episode while on her trip.

 The officer then advised the woman that regardless if she gave him permission or not, he was a guest of his brother and had established residency. If she wished to have him removed, she would need to seek civil eviction through the courts.

Bail bond brouhaha

2:02 p.m., 2000 block of Ringling Boulevard

Civil dispute: After having posted bond for his cousin, a man learned that someone else had already posted bond on the cousin's behalf and he wanted his money back. An officer responded to the bail bond business, which was closed at the time, and met with a complainant who was standing outside the office on the sidewalk. 

The man said after he had posted bond for his cousin he learned another party had done the same at a different location, and that he had been released under the other bond posting. He also claimed the bail bondsman was refusing to return his money. He was informed that this matter was civil in nature and would have to be addressed in civil court.

Egg on her place

2:59 p.m., Browning Street

Criminal mischief: While working the SPD front desk, a complainant told an officer she and her husband had been going through the divorce process for several months and she was being harassed by him. She advised she had begun removing him from their shared accounts and that she had been receiving harassing text messages. Also, she said that two days prior someone had egged her residence and vehicle. 

She advised that her estranged husband was the registered owner of the vehicle.

The officer spoke with the subject by phone, who advised that the woman messaged him about the egging incident, adding that he was not involved and logically would not egg his own vehicle. 

The complainant said she did not wish to pursue charges but wanted the incident documented. She said her video cameras did not capture the incidents. No further action was taken.

Monday, Oct. 23

The lines were drawn

11:30 a.m., 1500 block of 25th Street

Civil disturbance: A complainant called police because what she described as a tree had been dug out of the ground on her property. The woman said she was awakened by construction noises, stepped outside and saw a crew cutting trees. She told officers there was a tree on her yard between power poles and her home that was removed.

Officers met with an employee of the contractor who said the tree was really a “bush” and was not within the complainant’s property line. He showed officers where the shrub was located, which was on a neighboring lot. He explained his supervisor was on the way with a surveyor and the area was being cleared for installation of a fence. 

Police explained the situation to the complainant and offered information on how to obtain a survey of her property lines.


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