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Cops Corner

Broken window incident may have up to 10 suspects

Police were unable to identify a possible large group of vandals who broke a homeowner's window with a brick. This and other reports from the Sarasota Police Department in this week's Cops Corner.

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Tuesday, Feb. 28

A pain in the glass

8:28 p.m., 1400 block of 21st Street

Property damage: Police are investing an incident in which a white brick was thrown through a window at a residence. The victims were uncertain who the suspect or suspects might be, but advised they do want to press charges if they can be identified. 

The victims were inside the home when they heard glass breaking and immediately stepped outside to see as many as 10 subjects running into a nearby apartment complex. The window was double-pane glass, and only the exterior pane was broken. Because of the coarse texture of the brick, latent prints could not be collected at the time of the call. 

Officers canvassed the area, but no subjects were located. The estimated cost of the damage is $600. The victims were provided with a victim rights brochure the case number. The scene was cleared after without incident.

Wednesday, March 1

Branching out

7:00 p.m., 2100 block of Temple Street

Civil dispute: A homeowner became upset because his neighbor was cutting branches from his tree without prior consent. The neighbor was cutting branches that were hanging above her property. The officer was unable to speak to the neighbor about the incident because she was not on the premises at the time. The officer did learn she is trying to rent the property. 

The complainant was advised the issue was civil in nature, but he could call police the next time the neighbor is on site so a conversation may be facilitated. 

Paper chase

2:24 p.m., 1500 block of 28th Street

Stolen license plate: A woman called police for what she said is a stolen temporary license plate. The complainant advised that she knew the suspect and that he had warrants for his arrest. She was seeking instruction about how to go about obtaining another temporary plate.

Police observed that a paper plate appeared to have been torn from her vehicle as small pieces of paper remained in place beneath the screws. No further evidence of a stolen tag was obtained at the scene. The officer provided the complainant with a case number to enable her to seek a replacement for the tag. The officer had no probable cause at the time of the incident to charge the accused.

Sunday, March 5

Apology accepted

11:30 a.m., 2100 block of Dixie Avenue

Family dispute: A mother called police saying her teenage son was “out of control” and yelling while “making a mess.” When the officer arrived on the scene the teen was loudly agitated. After determining no physical violence was involved, the officer explained to the teen his options were to help his mother and to avoid criminal action in the future. Receptive to that, the teen offered a “sincere apology” to his mother. With the situation de-escalated, the officer ensured all parties were safe before leaving the scene. No further action was taken.



Andrew Warfield

Andrew Warfield is the Sarasota Observer city reporter. He is a four-decade veteran of print media. A Florida native, he has spent most of his career in the Carolinas as a writer and editor, nearly a decade as co-founder and editor of a community newspaper in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

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