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Greenbrook Adventure Park buys new exercise equipment

The current exercise bars will be replaced with safely designed moving workout equipment.

The 2-Person Back & Arms Combo is included in the purchase.
The 2-Person Back & Arms Combo is included in the purchase.
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Greenbrook residents have received a motivational boost to stay in shape.

A series of pull-up bars, balance beams and other new outdoor workout equipment is set to be added to the community by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness.

“I think it is important for us to maintain the level of quality and amenities the (residents) expect,” said Mike Griffin, chair of Community Development District 4, which oversees Greenbrook. 

Tom Merrell, director of operations at the Inter-District Authority, said the cost of the project is $57,843.92. 

Griffin also said the old equipment had received its “fair share of work.” 

“It’s in bad shape,” Merrell said.

Merrell all of the existing outdoor exercise equipment will be removed while the incoming equipment will expand what previously was available.

The district plans to dispose of the current equipment.
Photo by Ian Swaby

The new equipment, which comes in green and tan colors, will consist of seven different workout machines, including the Single Cross-Country Ski, 2-Person Back & Arms Combo, and 2-Person Combo Lat Pull & Vertical Press. No installation date has been set.

According to information provided by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, the equipment is intended to be used by the unsupervised public.

A spokesman for Greenfields said the equipment is built to withstand hot, cold, dry, and humid conditions.

Griffin said the district also wanted to offer something different from what previously was available while maintaining its standards for quality.

He said the district has previously discussed replacing equipment during its periodical review of the area. The maintenance team, he said, travels around the district to examine the state of equipment, eventually placing an item on a meeting agenda when anything wears out or is deemed unsafe.

Merrell initially said the project was intended to include a structure to provide shade for the equipment, however, the cost was greater than anticipated because of inflation. He said he will put forward a proposal for the shade structure in the next fiscal year. 

Merrell said he did not believe the old equipment had any resale value, with many pieces having been removed due to being broken.

The equipment will be located outside of the area of the Greenbrook Adventure Park that generally floods during major weather events. He said the flooding generally reaches the shell trail adjacent to where the new equipment will be. 



Ian Swaby

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