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Angry boyfriend smashes windshield after his partner's date with another man

Online-initiated tryst ends in a date paying for a windshield smashed by his partner. This and more tales from the files of the SPD in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. July 26, 2023
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Thursday, July 13

Paid the price

8:02 a.m., 4000 block of North Tamiami Trail

Property damage: An apparent dating-app rendezvous resulted in a smashed windshield by a jealous boyfriend. The complainant told an officer he had picked up another man for a date after meeting on a dating app. When they later left a hotel, the complainant’s date was receiving constant phone calls from his boyfriend, so the complainant dropped him off at his residence, which is when a third man ran out and smashed the complainant’s windshield. 

The complainant had his windshield replaced at a cost of $342.38 and wanted it paid for in lieu of prosecution. The officer went to where the date was staying and learned he would pay for the damage, and no further action was taken. 

Saturday, July 15

Defending her honor

9:52 p.m., 3800 block of Greenway Drive

Fight: Multiple callers notified the Sheriff’s Office that 15 to 20 people were fighting in a parking lot. A Sarasota police officer was first on the scene; he was flagged down in front of an apartment complex. Backup officers arrived and were able to separate some of the individuals involved. All subjects involved spoke only Spanish and were difficult to understand due to being under the influence of alcohol. 

The officer first met with a victim receiving medical treatment by EMS for a lip laceration and loose upper teeth. He said he was hit with a glass bottle while trying to defend his niece. His brother also said he was hit by a bottle by one of the subjects who was being inappropriate toward the same female, his daughter, when she returned home from walking the family dog.

A third man, who is described as the only person who did not appear to be intoxicated, provided a description of the subject who hit the brothers in the head with a bottle, and that he and a companion ran into a nearby apartment.

Several officers went to the apartment where both subjects appeared to be evading law enforcement by sitting in the far corner of the living room. Both agreed to step out of the apartment, identified themselves and said they were not involved in the incident. The intoxicated brothers were also unable to positively identify them as the assailants. 

There are no other witnesses to the incident and the suspects' identities are unknown.

Sunday, July 16

Calling his bluff

4:12 a.m., 2300 block of Maple Avenue

Domestic disturbance: A man told police he had been involved in an argument with his girlfriend over “relationship issues” and refused to leave her residence when she demanded he do so. He advised they had been together for approximately two months and had been staying at her residence for that amount of time. He stated the conflict was verbal in nature and that he would leave for a few hours to cool down.

Officers then met with the woman, who said the man was lingering on the property after she informed him she did not want him there. Refusing, he told her that he was not going to leave even if the police were contacted. Calling his bluff, she contacted law enforcement, and the man exited the property with no issues.

Monday, July 17

A change of heart

12:16 a.m., 3800 block of Greenway Drive

Disturbance: While moving into a residence together a woman apparently changed her mind and locked out her male companion, who called police to help him retrieve his belongings. An officer was advised by the man that he and his girlfriend were in the process of moving in when she ran inside and locked the door. He said the woman refused to let him inside to retrieve his belongings after making several unsuccessful attempts to contact with her. 

The officer attempted to contact the woman inside the residence, but was unsuccessful. It could not be confirmed that she was inside the residence, and phone calls went directly to voicemail. The man was advised that the matter was civil and he would have to follow such action to retrieve his belongings.

Filming on location

10:36 p.m., 3300 block of North Tamiami Trail

Suspicious incident: A man called police in reference to a large crowd in the area, which he found to be suspicious. Contact was made with those involved, who advised that they were filming a movie. Recording equipment was present and there was no damage. No crime was suspected.


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