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Fight over 'shared boyfriend' results in two arrests

Two women who attacked a third in a fight over a boyfriend they shared were arrested on multiple charges. This and other reports from the Sarasota Police Department in this week's Cops Corner.

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Monday, Jan. 30

Ménage a quad

12:18 a.m., 2000 block of Adams Lane

Robbery: Two women who work together at an assisted living facility were arrested for events following a fight that began on social media over a “shared boyfriend” with a third woman. The victim told police she and one of the offenders had been in an “on again, off again” relationship with their shared boyfriend for months. The victim, call her woman No. 1, claims to have messaged the third member off the trio, Woman No. 2, with the intention of coming to an agreement and putting the fighting behind them. 

Woman No. 2 allegedly became upset and felt she was being accused of stealing their shared boyfriend from Woman No. 1. Woman No. 2 stopped replying to messages and then, with a third woman, arrived at the Woman No. 1’s home, the two of them yelling at the her to come outside and fight. After she refused, the perpetrators entered the home and a fight ensued. 

Return policy dispute

12:34 p.m., Boulevard of the Presidents

Civil dispute: A pair of pants and a strict return policy brought police to a boutique when a customer was upset that the retailer would not accept a return. The store manager explained the woman called police because she was refused a return of the purchase outside of the store’s 24-hour return policy. The officer then spoke with the complainant, who said she knew he could not force the store to accept the return, but that he should tell the manager that the policy wasn't clear to her.

The disgruntled customer said she would refute the charge with her credit card company. The officer, as requested, explained to the store manager the customer’s dissatisfaction with the alleged lack of return policy clarity. No crime was committed and no further action was taken.

Jilted man’s empty suicide by cop threat

7:18 a.m., 1000 block of Rhodes Avenue

Dispute: Police responded to a disturbance at an Airbnb where a couple was engaged in a verbal dispute over infidelity. An officer spoke with a woman who said she and her boyfriend had been arguing because he had discovered that morning she was "cheating on him.”

The woman advised that during the argument the man said he would commit “suicide by cop,” then recanted the story by describing him as “blowing off steam.” The man was cooperative and advised the officer that at no time was he suicidal. A witness confirmed the man had made no suicidal statements. Both parties advised that there would no further issues and, after gathering belongings would be OK traveling back home together. 

Tuesday, Jan. 31

Man’s shirt becomes a midriff

3:15 p.m., 1300 block of First Street

Disturbance: An altercation during which a man’s shirt was sliced by a boxcutter-wielding woman resulted in no injuries and no charges being pressed by either party, primarily because video showed that the man was the aggressor. The footage shows the man grabbing or slapping the woman’s hand, which was holding a cell phone, and the woman reacting with a swipe of her hand that held the cutting instrument, slicing through the man’s shirt. 

No injuries were sustained in the altercation. 

While under questioning, the man began to consume an alcoholic beverage in the officer’s presence and became belligerent and uncooperative. Placed in the rear seat of a patrol car the man began to kick the door, causing the officer to employ an ankle restraint. Despite all that, the man was released after the woman declined to prosecute. Both parties, however, were placed on a trespassing notice at the request of the property owner.



Andrew Warfield

Andrew Warfield is the Sarasota Observer city reporter. He is a four-decade veteran of print media. A Florida native, he has spent most of his career in the Carolinas as a writer and editor, nearly a decade as co-founder and editor of a community newspaper in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

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