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Cops Corner

Early morning munchie run becomes a food fight

A couple's pre-dawn convenience store trip takes an ugly turn when a woman throws food from the car. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. December 20, 2023
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Wednesday, Dec. 6

Food fight

4:26 a.m., 2200 block of Dixie Avenue

Family disturbance: Officers made contact with a complainant who stated her son became upset with his girlfriend and began throwing things around the house. The son had left the house prior to the officers’ arrival, so they spoke with his girlfriend who stated that while returning from an early morning convenience store run they began arguing and she threw the food they purchased out of the car window. She added the argument escalated when they arrived at the house, but the dispute did not become physical. No further action was taken.

Thursday, Dec. 7

Bradenton bound

4:14 p.m., 100 block of North Lemon Avenue

Dispute: A security officer with SCAT called law enforcement to the passenger terminal after engaging in a verbal dispute with a would-be passenger. He stated that he asked the subject, who had been loitering at the terminal for an extended time, which bus he was waiting for, at which time he became agitated.

An officer made contact with the subject who advised he had been trying to figure out where he was going and was not sure which bus he would eventually board, but that he would be leaving on a Bradenton-bound bus once it arrived. The SCAT security officer agreed to allow the subject to leave on the bus to Bradenton, and no further action was taken.

Saturday, Dec. 9

Taking a break

9:35 p.m., 2400 block of Magnum Court

Suspicious incident: A man called law enforcement after becoming concerned about his girlfriend possibly taking more than her prescribed amount of sleep aid pills and leaving the residence. He advised they had an emotional day of arguing with each other, but that she had not mentioned anything about overdosing on the medication to harm herself. She did tell the complainant she would be leaving after learning he called police to check on her.

A "be on the lookout" (BOLO) was sent over the radio and a check of the residence was conducted. Officers did locate a bottle of sleep aid pills but nothing of suspicion or concern was found. Several officers then began checking the area, a short time later locating the woman sitting near the community pool. She advised after a verbal altercation she began to feel anxiety and took her prescribed amount of medication so she could relax and sleep. She stated several times she did not have any thoughts of harming herself. She was examined and cleared  by EMS and the complainant was advised via phone call of her location.

Boisterous birthday bash

10:15 p.m., Cheshire Square

Dispute: An officer was dispatched in reference to a battery that was eventually determined to be only a dispute between two individuals who appeared to be intoxicated. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated a subject was hosting a party and was playing loud music. He said when he went to speak to the subject, an unspecified communications barrier prevented him from articulating that he wanted the music volume turned down.

Then the complainant said multiple subjects surrounded him, one attempted to push him and he was shoved by another subject, but was unable to identify which one. The man had no injuries and stated there was no witnesses, other than the partygoers, to the incident. He advised he just wanted the party to settle down. The complainant appeared to be intoxicated, and said he would notify the property management about the issue. 

An officer spoke with the subject who stated they were having a birthday party, and that he notified the apartments’ management in advance. He said the altercation with the complainant did not become physical, but that he had arrived and began yelling at the partiers to leave the area. He was advised by the officer of the city’s noise ordinance and said he understood.

Sunday, Dec. 10

No more Mr. Nice Guy

10:33 p.m., 1200 block of North Palm Avenue

Disturbance: The manager of a restaurant told an officer that he was involved in an incident with a patron whom he removed from the premises. The complainant advised the subject called an employee an explicit name, at which time he told him to leave and did not allow him to pay his tab. 

He said the subject stood up, put his arm around him and stated, “Are you the Mr. Tough Guy.” At that, the complainant escorted the man outside and closed the door behind him. He said he called law enforcement only to document the incident and did not wish to press charges.


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