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Final paycheck pickup reportedly becomes a shoving match

Things got physical over a dispute about a last paycheck and another over a missing $20. This and more reports from the Sarasota Police Department in this week's Cops Corner.

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Thursday, April 6

Transaction fee

8:40 p.m., Ninth Street at Central Avenue

Dispute: After hearing varying stories about a dispute between a man and woman over a private transaction of $60, police determined no crime had occurred. When officers arrived, the two parties were separated and statements given that were not only contrary, but also changed multiple times throughout the interviews.

When the dust settled, the officers determined that a third party had given the man the $60 to pass on to the woman, who was the complainant in the incident. The varying reasons given for this exchange of money included birthday money for the woman’s daughter, child support and the purchase of narcotics. The man, though, gave the woman only $40, resulting in a heated argument over the remaining $20.

The complainant admitted the argument became slightly physical before they separated and she called the police. After the officer explained to her that the dispute was civil in nature and that no crime was committed, both parties went their separate ways and no further issues were reported.

Friday, April 7

Final paycheck

12:37 p.m., 2700 block of Fruitville Road

Dispute: An argument about a final paycheck that became physical brought police to a business where the complainant advised he had been recently been fired and was there to pick up his check. He further stated the manager of the business initiated a verbal argument before trying to push him out the door.

An officer reported speaking with a witness who stated she did not see who started the argument, but confirmed both men were yelling at each other. The manager said the terminated employee refused to sign a form in exchange for his final payment, and accused him of snatching the check from his hand. The manager admitted to trying to grab the check back, but said he never put his hands on the complainant in an aggressive manner.

The officer informed the complainant that he was issued a trespassing warning. He then received his check and left the property without further incident.

Saturday, April 8

Dry docking

11:10 p.m., 900 block of Boulevard of the Arts

Dispute: A person who witnessed suspicious activity at a boat lift called police to report that an unknown boat was docked there. The complainant was not the owner of the lift, and neither was the owner of the boat, who it was eventually determined had traded the vessel with another person on March 25. The boat began taking on water, the boater said, so he entered the bay in search of somewhere to dock. He spotted the empty boat lift and used it to raise and dry out his boat.

The witness said he saw two other boats following the first boat, and became suspicious that the docked boat was trespassing and that it may have been stolen. The boat owner explained the other two boats were owned by acquaintances.

The boat owner further told the officer he had traded his previous boat with a person in Orlando and produced the title, which was still registered to the prior owner. He said he had 30 days to change the title. The boat had not been reported as stolen and the officer called the prior owner who confirmed the trade.

The owners of the boat dock were not present during the incident, and the boater was able to dry his boat enough to move it to his dock at Marina Jack.



Andrew Warfield

Andrew Warfield is the Sarasota Observer city reporter. He is a four-decade veteran of print media. A Florida native, he has spent most of his career in the Carolinas as a writer and editor, nearly a decade as co-founder and editor of a community newspaper in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

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