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Sarasota Cops Corner: Dog burglar

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Wednesday, Sept. 21

Dog burglar

7:07 p.m. 2100 Block of Eighth Street

Burglary: An officer responded to a residential burglary call involving a dog, the victim said is valued at $6,000. The officer observed a screen removed from the victim’s open front window  and blinds in disarray. She said the only item missing from the residence was one of her two dogs. 

The victim said her ex fiancé was her primary suspect, mentioning he was upset that she had kept the dogs, adding he may have taken that particular dog out of spite because it was her favorite of the two. A canvass of the neighborhood yielded one witness who gave a description of a man who was in the neighborhood earlier in the day asking about any residents with dogs. The case remained open for further investigation.

Friday, Sept. 23

Parking dispute

11:48 a.m., 1500 block of 30th Street

Dispute: An ongoing parking dispute developed into confrontation that brought police the scene of multiple women involved in a verbal altercation. The complainant stated she parked at the location to unload food when she was confronted by two women. During the argument, the complainant said one of the women was beating on her trunk, although no damage was observed.

The officer spoke with the subjects, who said the altercation stemmed from an incident the previous night and they believed the complainant purposely blocked their vehicle to start the conflict. The officer advised both parties to refrain from interacting with each other.

Monday, Sept. 19

At least they stacked them

12:46 p.m. 1800 block of Main Street

Illegal dumping: An officer was dispatched to a vehicle service center to investigate the dumping of six tires by two men. The owner of the business said surveillance video showed two men unloading and stacking the tires in front of the shop and driving away. A partial license plate number was visible. The case remained open as the investigation continued.

Friday, Sept. 16

Women scorned

5:15 a.m., 2700 block of Noble Avenue

Disturbance: An argument over infidelity likely led to the slashing of four tires, a man told police. The accused woman, though, suggested the damage was done by one of the other women he was involved with. The complainant, the man’s ex-girlfriend, said the pair had been together for 26 years and recently separated. She said he was spending the night with her and had been drinking when he starting an argument about her seeing other men.

After the argument became aggressive the man attempted to leave, but when backing out of the parking space discovered all four tires had been slashed. He attempted to re-enter the residence, accusing the woman of causing the damage, prompting her to call law enforcement. The man admitted he never saw the woman leave the home with an object that could slash tires.

With conflicting stories regarding the tire damage and no security video available, the two were advised to separate for the rest of the night.


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