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Sarasota Cops Corner: Broken windows and a late-night wake fight

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Friday, Sept. 2

Fight night

3:46 a.m., 1500 block of North Lockwood Ridge Road

Fight: A get-together after the death of a family member devolved into a fight among 12 people and prompted a police response. The host told police her sister had brought two men she did not know to the gathering and that one of them punched her in the head during an argument. When one of the unknown males tried to get one a female friend to leave,  another guest began arguing with him and punched him in the head, igniting the brawl with several participants claiming they were trying to break up the fight. Multiple partygoers sustained minor injuries. During the investigation the host collapsed and appeared to have a seizure. She later became alert and refused medical treatment. Another guest  collapsed and was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment for an anxiety attack. The host said she wished to pursue criminal charges against the male who punched her.

Sunday, Sept. 4

Shattered family

2:09 a.m., 2700 block of North Orange Avenue

Property damage: A woman called police when she suspected her two sons broke a window in her residence. She said she believed her sons were the perpetrators because “that’s what all my little cousins are telling me they are saying.” When asked if she wanted to prosecute, she said, “They need to go.” Because the incident occurred earlier in the day, the window had already been covered by a plastic bag. There was no witness to the incident and police were unable to determine if the brothers had broken the window.

Monday, Sept. 5

A pane to repair

2:59 p.m., 700 block of North Tamiami Trail

Criminal Mischief: After the facilities manager of a building received messages from employees advising that one of its front windows had been broken, police were called in investigate what was described as “smashed in” glass with a large hole in the middle. The manager said an employee told her the window was intact between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Sept. 4., and that a landscaping crew noticed the damage at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 5. The complainant advised she wanted to pursue charges against the perpetuator, if one can be identified by security camera footage. The cost to replace the window is approximately $1,000.

Tuesday, Sept. 6

Glass houses

8:46 a.m., 1800 block of 19th Street

Property Damage: An apparently misguided revenge window breaking brought police to a woman’s apartment who reported that her next door neighbor caused the damage. Police interviewed the neighbor, who admitted breaking the complainant’s window because her own window had been broken previously. The perpetrator was unable to tell the officer who broke her window, and was unable to provide video evidence from her doorbell camera. The property manager said the woman would be billed for breaking the complainant’s window.

Thursday, Sept. 8

Group shopping trip

8:32 p.m., 3800 block of South Osprey Avenue

Dispute: Police were called to a grocery store by the manager who was concerned about 10 to 15 people who appeared to be between the ages of 16 and 22 filming outside the store near an ATM, then moved into the store and continued to film. The manager had asked them multiple times to leave the premises, but they refused. After speaking with the manager, an officer was approached by two individuals who claimed to be part of the group, saying they were only filming themselves shopping. The group was advised by the officer that if they did not leave the premises at the request of the manager they were subject to arrest for trespassing. The individuals were argumentative with law enforcement, but did proceed to pay for the merchandise and left the premises without incident.


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