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Sarasota Cops Corner: Meter beater

Police reports from around Sarasota

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Friday, Oct. 14

Over a barrel

7:33 a.m., 1200 block of Hillview Street, Sarasota

Agency assistance: The Longboat Key marine patrol officer was called to assist Sarasota Police Department in responding to a report of someone clinging to a barrel floating in Sarasota Bay, as reported by someone in the Harbor Acres community. Before the Longboat Key officer could arrive at the scene, it was determined that the barrel/castaway combination was actually a manatee.

Sunday, Oct. 16

Meter beater

1:40 a.m., 1500 block of Main Street

Property damage: An angry parking violator whose car was towed took out his frustrations on a payment kiosk. An employee of a company that monitors parking called a towing company after seeing a man walk off from his vehicle in a metered space without parking. The vehicle was towed away, and the worker called police after seeing video of the man returning to where he parked and, seeing the vehicle gone, began to strike and kick the kiosk. Damage to the machine was estimated at approximately $1,000. The employee gave police the license plate number of the vehicle and said she could identify the driver from a photo lineup. The officer informed the parking monitor he would follow up with her to identify the man and to file charges.

Sunday, Oct. 16

Exes and uh-ohs

11:01 a.m., 900 block of Royal Palm Drive

Property damage: A possible case of mistaken identity resulted in vandalism to two vehicles by a suspect the owner believes was his ex-girlfriend. An officer arrived to the scene and observed a pickup truck with the word “liar” spray painted on it several times and the tires slashed. The officer contacted the vehicle’s owner who said his other vehicle, which was parked at his ex-wife’s home in the county, was   similarly vandalized. He said his daughter is living with her mother — his ex-wife — and is driving one of his vehicles. When the daughter was out in downtown Sarasota the previous night, he said he thinks his ex-girlfriend saw the vehicle and followed it to his ex-wife's home, and she may have thought it was driven by him visiting his ex-wife. When his daughter told him about the vehicle, the man went outside and saw that his other vehicle was also spray painted. There is no video evidence available. The officer attempted to make contact with the suspected vandal at her residence, but he did not know her apartment number and her vehicle was not located in the parking lot. The victim estimated damage to his vehicles at about $2,000.

Sunday, Oct. 16

No forcible entry

10:25 a.m., 1600 block of Hidden Lake Terrace

Disturbance: A woman reported her estranged husband attempted to gain entry into her residence while she was home. The woman told police the man had not lived in the residence for a year and was not on the lease, and therefore has no legal access. She also told police of ongoing cell phone harassment because of his belief that she engaged in an extramarital affair with two men.

An officer spoke with the suspect, who denied he attempted to enter the residence, that they were still legally married and he wanted to speak with her regarding the alleged infidelity. He also reported she is in possession of personal tools he needs for work. There was no evidence that the man was either at the residence or that he attempted to break in. Additionally, no orders are in place that restrains him from contacting the complainant, who reported she was previously denied an injunction. She was encouraged to follow up with the clerk of court.



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