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Sarasota Cops Corner: 'Get gas here often?'

Police reports from around Sarasota

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Thursday, Oct. 6

The new pickup bar

10:28 p.m., 3500 block of Fruitville Road

Trespassing: A man who told police he found two adult female customers at convenience store gasoline pumps to be attractive, and simply offered his assistance, was accused of making lewd comments toward them and trespassing on the property. An officer met with the women who said they became fearful of the man and hid in the bathroom of the business, where they called 911. The women, both 19 years of age, told police that he approached them and said “If you leave, I am going to get in the car with you.”

The man told police he did not say anything inappropriate, but simply was making his move by offering to help the women fuel their vehicle. At the store clerk’s request, the man was served with a trespassing notice. Still, he returned 25 minutes later, as confirmed by video footage. Because he defied an order to not return, and entered the store and made direct contact with the clerk, the case has been turned over to the State Attorney’s office for review.

Saturday, Oct. 8

Relief team relieved of duties

7:31 p.m., 1000 block of South Conrad Street

Civil Dispute: A team of hurricane relief workers dispatched to Sarasota who were evicted from an Airbnb by their boss because of poor performance returned to the home to find their belongings in the driveway, some of them allegedly missing. The team was scheduled to stay at the property while here working, but after they were fired were, according to their employer, given three days to vacate.

The dislodged subcontractor denied being given the three days' notice, and while away for the day a new team moved in. When they returned they found their personal belongings outside and a new team occupying the home. The new team leader advised police he placed the belongings outside, but denied taking any of the items. The employer who booked the property confirmed to police he gave the prior team three days to move out, and when they had not complied requested their replacements remove the belongings.

All parties were informed that the incident is a civil matter.

Sunday, Oct. 9

Attire altercation

1:48 a.m., 1400 block of Main Street

Criminal Mischief: A couple being escorted out of a downtown bar because of a dress code violation resulted in an altercation in an alley that caused the destruction of a $500 television. The bar manager told police the controversially clad couple “made a scene” and got into a physical altercation with security personnel in the alley. During the scuffle, the manager said he was “pretty sure” the ejected man knocked down the TV.

Although surveillance cameras were in place, the bar manager said he could not access the the footage. When the officer returned the next day to retrieve footage, he was told it was unavailable and would have to return during regular bar hours. As a result of the altercation, the couple were given a trespass warning. Because of the uncertainty of the witness and lack of video surveillance, the case has been forwarded to the State Attorney's office for further review.


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