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Sarasota Cops Corner: Tossing onions

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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  • | 4:50 a.m. March 30, 2022
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Sunday, March 20

Tossing onions

2 a.m., 3900 block of Breezemont Drive

Property damage: A woman told police that a day after her neighbors threw a party, she had onions on her pool screen. She figured kids were throwing the onions over her fence. On a previous occasion, she spent more than $500 to repair her pool screen, but after it happened multiple times she turned to the police. Officers spoke with the neighbors, who denied responsibility or presence of children. Those who threw the onions were not identified.

Tuesday, March 22

Meaningless money

10:45 p.m., 1400 block of Main Street

Battery: A group of women were visiting Sarasota for the week and went to a bar for drinks. An older man approached the group and began flirting with them. The man frequently showed his credit card and bragged about his wealth. He then offered to pay one of the women for a kiss, which irritated the group. A few minutes later he showed his credit card again and one of the women slapped it to the ground. This angered the man, who pushed the woman and then grabbed her. Bar security and patrons separated the man from the group and no injuries occurred.

Wednesday, March 23

Found on the roof

11:30 a.m., 3800 block of Bayshore Drive

Theft: Police responded to a call about a man stealing a bike from a rack. Officers located the man who then ran away from the police. Officers tried to end the chase by using their stun guns, but the man kept running. Eventually, officers spotted the man on the roof of a residential garage. The man continued to flee but was eventually caught in a back yard. The man had a green powdery substance on his person that was not identified. The man was then transported to jail.

Thursday, March 24

Teen shenanigans

9:45 p.m., 300 block of Ringling Boulevard

Harassment: A business owner informed police that multiple teenagers in the area had been harassing her. She said that they entered her business multiple times to heckle her and had left prank voicemails on her phone. The teenagers were accompanied by an adult female, who the business owner informed of the incidents. Police searched for the group but were unable to locate them. However, the police left a message on one of the teenager’s cell phones to not contact the business owner again.

Spray-painted plates

11 p.m., 2300 block of Temple Street

Property damage: An officer pulled over a woman who had a license plate spray-painted black. The woman said she did not know her license plate had been spray-painted but her roommate had told her the same had happened on her vehicle. The back of her vehicle also had a “C” sprayed on it, which caused an estimated $500 in damage. The officer went to the woman’s home to check for security footage but was unsuccessful. No other vehicles in the vicinity appeared to be affected.


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