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Sarasota Cops Corner: No motor, no service

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Thursday, July 21

No motor, no service

11:58 p.m., 700 block of South Washington Boulevard

Dispute: A man in a wheelchair making a midnight burger run learned that people-powered vehicles are not welcome at a fast food drive-through. Police responded to a call about man blocking traffic at the drive-through, refusing to move after learning he would not be served. The man, who called a ride service to take him to the restaurant, had placed his order and wheeled up to the window, where he was informed only those in motor vehicles were permitted. After the line began to back up, a restaurant employee called law enforcement. When the officer arrived, the man said he would not have attempted to use the drive-though had he been aware of the rule. He then asked the officer to call the ride service to be returned home.

Sunday, July 17

Loud and unclear

7:39 p.m. 900 block of Sunridge Drive

Tenant dispute: A woman renting a room at a house awoke to find her sound-system speakers missing and a note where they previously stood. The woman called police to complain that the note indicated that her landlord sold the speakers without her permission. The renter had told the landlord he could sell her furniture to raise money to send to her mother, but that did not include her Iron Block Rocker Max speakers. In the note, the landlord referred to the prior agreement to sell her property. The tenant is under lease through September and had previously begun the process of moving out. The officer advised the tenant that without speaking with the landlord it could not be determined if he intended to deprive her of the prized speakers. The matter will be disposed of in a civil manner.

Monday, July 18

Sleeping behind the wheel

9:43 p.m., 500 block of Beneva Road

Dispute: The parking lot of an auto service business had become a quasi-motor inn when police were dispatched by the property manager, asking that a parked vehicle there to be removed. The car owner informed the responding officer she was effectively living in the vehicle until she could have it repaired, her appointment several days away. The car owner also stated she was working with the city’s Homeless Outreach Team and is waiting for housing, adding that she did not want to stay at a particular shelter because she did not feel safe there. A second individual was also staying in the car, which was inoperable. The complainant had called a towing company to remove the vehicle, but the driver informed him he could not remove the car with occupants, who refused to leave, inside. The car owner was informed she could not lodge inside a parked car on private property, and the property manager was informed he could press trespassing charges if he wished.


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