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Sarasota Cops Corner: Keep it down, huh?

Police reports from around the Sarasota area.

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  • | 9:50 a.m. January 8, 2022
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Saturday, Jan. 1

Credit one debit card

8:35 p.m., Gulf of Mexico Drive and Ken Thompson Parkway

Found property: A caller to police reported finding a debit card and wanted to turn it over to police. An officer met the caller downtown, who said he had found the card while fishing near the New Pass bridge. The name on the card did not connect with any local addresses and an exact match could not be confirmed among several similar names tracked down in a police database. The card was held for safe keeping. 

Sunday, Jan 2

Dine, dash, threaten

9:25 p.m., 1500 block of Main Street

Theft: A restaurant employee sought to press theft charges against a woman who ordered and accepted $28.34 in food, then left without paying. The employee followed the woman and reported she pulled a box cutter and told him to stop following. The employee allowed some distance to build between him and the woman and called police while still following. Officers took the woman into custody, finding a box cutter in the grass nearby. She denied pulling a knife and said she had no money and was hungry. 

Monday, Jan. 3

Slice of life

1:17 a.m., 1200 block of Palm Avenue

Suspicion: An out of town man who said he had been visiting several bars downtown told police he met a woman and they returned to his hotel room. The woman asked to take a shower and, when the man entered the bathroom to use the toilet, she leapt from the shower and said "I'm going to slice you.'' The man ran from the room to the hotel lobby to call police. Officers found the woman had left with her belongings and had not stolen anything. The man had both keys to his room. Officers canvassed the area but found no woman nearby fitting the description. 

Lost, then found 

7:27 p.m., 0 block of Avenue of the Presidents

Found property: A caller to police reported finding an unattended designer purse, which contained cash, credit cards and a number of personal items. The responding officer took possession of the purse, locking it in his patrol car. Several hours later, police received a call from an out-of-town person who reported a lost purse. After ownership had been confirmed, the purse was returned.   

Quiet down, there, good buddy

8:25 p.m., 1200 block of Gulfstream Avenue

Noise: The sound of a large truck idling for what witnesses said was hours prompted a call to police. The responding officer learned from the truck's driver that he was making a delivery at the address. The officer told the driver there was no issue and the caller  said she would spread the word that the truck was there legally.

Keep it down, huh? 

9:58 p.m., 3400 block of Tamiami Trail

Suspicious person: Officers spoke to a man who had been outside, having a loud argument with an acquaintance on the telephone. Officers explained to the main that his loud voice was disturbing at least one person nearby. The man expressed remorse for the volume of his voice and said he would step inside the next time such a phone conversation was necessary. 



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