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Cops Corner: Sarasota 1.28.20

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:50 a.m. January 28, 2021
Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.
Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.
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Jan. 14

1:20 a.m. — 1300 block of Main Street
Property damage: The owner of a restaurant reported that some time in the early morning, someone broke a vase the restaurant owns. The owner reviewed surveillance video and saw three men walking past his business, one of whom knocked over the vase and broke it. The owner hoped to identify the man to see if he would pay for the damage, estimated at $135.

Jan. 16

4:30 a.m. — 100 block of Marina View Drive
Property damage: A worker at a hotel reported that the glass door to the hotel’s gym had a large crack on it. Hotel staff reviewed video and identified someone possibly responsible for the cracked glass. The person acknowledged being in the gym area at time and said he was playing around with friends. The person said he did not crack the door and did not hear any glass being damaged. The video showed the person playing around, slamming himself against the glass door and then leaving the gym with his friends. After the group left, there was no visible crack in the door. Although the hotel wanted to press charges, an officer said there was no evidence the man broke the glass.

Jan. 21

12:25 a.m. — 800 block of South Tamiami Trail
Suspicion: A man staying at a hotel reported an attempted burglary. The man said an unknown person was attempting to enter his room. The man looked through the peephole and saw the man standing outside his door. The man could not provide additional details on the circumstances of the attempted entry into his room. The subject eventually left the area. Officers saw no signs of attempted forced entry and determined the incident did not rise to the level of an attempted burglary.

10:27 a.m. — 2700 block of North Tamiami Trail
Misc. officer: A safety worker at a college informed the police his office had a box of narcotics and drug paraphernalia that had been taken from students and needed to be destroyed. The police took the items into custody for destruction.

Jan. 22

11:40 p.m. — 1200 block of North Palm Avenue
Noise complaint: An anonymous caller said loud music was coming from a rooftop bar. An officer conducted a noise meter reading and found the noise in the area was not violating the city’s standards. The officer said minimal music was audible from the bar.


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