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Cops Corner: Sarasota 9.17.20

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:50 a.m. September 17, 2020
Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.
Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.
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Sept. 9

6:30 p.m. — 4700 block of North Tamiami Trail
​Property damage: The owner of a motel confronted three children swimming in the pool who were not guests at the property. After the children left, the owner discovered that they had damaged the bottom of the pool and thrown two garden statues into the deep end. The owner reviewed surveillance footage that showed the children throwing the statues into the pool.

Sept. 10

1:22 a.m. — 1400 block of Main Street
Misc. officer: A man said he was out with his family when he became upset about another person recording a video of him on the sidewalk. The man said he told the person with the camera to stop several times, but the person would not stop. The man said he got into his car to avoid further conflict, and he was concerned about the legality of being recorded without his consent. As an officer spoke to the man, the person with the camera stood on the sidewalk and continued to record the interaction. The officer determined no crime had taken place.

Sept. 13

Midnight — 4900 block of North Tamiami Trail
Dispute: A man reported that another man took his phone and refused to give it back. The man said he got into an argument with the other man about returning the phone. The man said the other man eventually returned the phone, that there was no physical dispute and that he did not want to press charges against the other man. The other man told an officer that he took the man’s phone because he was angry at him. The officer advised both men to separate for the night.

12:41 a.m. — 1000 block of Villagio Circle
Noise complaint: A man reported loud noise coming from the apartment above him. The man said he’s had problems with his upstairs neighbor, who is using power tools to remodel the apartment. As officers walked upstairs, they realized the noise was coming from strong winds blowing against the building. The officers did not hear any noise coming from the neighbor’s unit. The neighbor said he is remodeling his mother’s old apartment, but he does not work late at night.


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