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Cops Corner 6.30.2016

Comical crime reports from the area.

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  • | 6:10 a.m. June 29, 2016
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June 29

Hey dude, where's the car?
8100 block of Cooper Creek Boulevard
Grand theft auto: The owner of a car called the Sheriff's Office because her boyfriend reported it was stolen from a parking lot. The boyfriend had been out drinking, so he left the car parked to take a Uber ride instead. When he returned, the vehicle was gone even though he had both sets of keys. The owner reported the car stolen because her boyfriend said he had no idea who had the car or where it might be.

Hey dude, where's my shoes?
5400 block of Lena Road
Trespass warning: Guests at a hotel complained to the staff they could smell marijuana coming from a room. The hotel's staff attempted to call the room with no luck and then knocked on the door but did not get an answer. The hotel staff contacted the Sheriff's Office and asked the occupant be evicted for ignoring the hotel's no smoking policy. Sheriff's deputies went to the door and the occupant refused to answer. The deputies heard the toilet flush and the occupant then answered the door. The room was searched but deputies could not find any marijuana. A case card was issued after the occupant was checked for warrants and then the occupant left the property without incident. 

Where's my pool?
8200 block of 60th Street Circle East
Trespass warning: An apartment complex employee called the Sheriff's Office after noticing a woman was swimming in the complex's pool even though she did not live there.  The woman, when confronted, would not identify herself and then walked into the complex office and took a bottled water before leaving. A deputy located her a short time later and the deputy did a fingerprint card and ran a check. The woman said she meant no harm and thought the pool was part of her nearby complex. The confines of the property and layout of the apartment complex where she didn't live was explained to her.

Thank goodness for Fido
6100 block of 55th Avenue Circle, East
Suspicious incident: A woman said she was home alone when she heard her door alarm chime and her dog barking. Thinking her husband had come home, she called out to him. An unknown male answered back from the sliding door in the living room, saying "Hello." The man said he was with "pest control." The woman told him they didn't have pest control and then the family's large dog ran out into the living room. The man left the home in an unknown direction. The woman said she never had seen the man before. A deputy searched the home and didn't find anything suspicious.


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