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Cops Corner: East County 9.17.15

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 6:00 a.m. September 16, 2015
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Aug. 31

8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road
Second offense: A man walked into Walmart. While in the store, he urinated on several items in the sporting goods section. Then he took the tag off of a pair of shoes and tried to wear them out of the store. An employee stopped him and contacted law enforcement. The loss prevention officer informed the Sheriff’s Office deputy that the man had been arrested for retail theft before in a different Sarasota store. The man was told he was no longer welcome at Walmart and then arrested.

Sept. 2

6200 block of Wauchula Road
Grand theft: An unknown person got in a tractor at Revell Farms and rode it around the farm. There was a spray rig attached to the tractor, which was damaged when the driver crossed large, steep canals with the tractor. Damage was assessed to be more than $1,000.

Sept. 8

197th Street East and 69th Avenue East
Criminal mischief: An unknown person went to a park located near the intersection of the two streets and spray painted racial images on the tables. The damage is estimated at $1,000. The incident was reported by the Panther Ridge Homeowners Association.

Sept. 8

3100 block of Logue Road
Information only: A man loaned his vehicle to a female friend Sunday, Sept. 6. She never returned the vehicle and he could not contact her via phone. The man reported the issue to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and advised the deputy that his friend had a history of drug use and could be anywhere, and stated two potential locations to find her. The deputy advised the deputies for those zones.

Sept. 8

8300 block of Purple Martin Court
Domestic disturbance: A man called the Sheriff’s Office because he and his adopted daughter were arguing about her carefree way of life. The man had previously allowed the daughter to use his vehicle, but due to their argument, took the keys and threatened to throw the keys in the pond. The daughter left the home on foot with the family dog, and the deputy was unable to locate her.

Sept. 9

2900 block of University Parkway
Petit theft: A Publix employee notified the general manager that a customer was attempting to hide cases of beer in her cart. The customer had covered the beer with packages of paper towels, laundry detergent and food. She passed the check-out counters without paying for any of the items in her cart. The general manager followed her out of the store and stopped her and recovered $198.52 worth of merchandise. The deputy who responded placed the woman under arrest.


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