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East County Cops Corner 07.30.15

Enjoy this week's edition of Cops Corner.

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  • | 6:00 a.m. July 29, 2015
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71st Terrace East

July 13
9:37 a.m. — 3700 block of 71st Terrace East
Harassing Phone Calls: A woman has received numerous phone calls from the same individual who asks for money each time and becomes confrontational. The man has been told not to call.

Twin Rivers Trail

July 19
11:43 a.m. — 4000 block of Twin Rivers Trail
Domestic Disturbance: A woman complained that her soon-to-be-ex-husband has installed a camera system inside and outside the home and constantly calls her names to prompt an on-camera response. She said that he came out of his room and started yelling at her for no reason earlier that morning. The woman said that their argument that morning was not physical, although she said he breaks things in the home. The couple is currently going through divorce proceedings but still live together in the home.

Kingsbury Place

July 20
4:07 p.m. — 9000 block of Kingsbury Place
Burglary/Unoccupied Conveyance: A woman ran several errands during the day and realized her purse was missing when she got home. There were no signs of forced entry into her vehicle.

67th Street Circle East

July 20
11:41 p.m. — 600 block of 67th Street Circle East
Petit Theft: A woman who works at a restaurant noticed a former employee, who was fired the week before, sitting at a back table at the restaurant where she was storing her belongings. The former employee got up and said she was going to a store down the road to buy milk. The woman noticed her phone was missing after the former employee left. Police tracked the phone to a location near the store where the former employee was headed. Store employees said a woman who matched her description was there earlier trying to return chips and a soda. The victim said she would call police if she is able to find her phone’s serial number.

State Road 70 East

July 21
8700 block of State Road 70 East
Battery: A man punched another man during an argument about the victim smoking inside a shop. The victim asked the man several times if he had a problem with him, and the suspect told him he didn’t. After the victim asked a third time, the suspect told him to get out of his face before turning around and punching him above his left temple.

State Road 64 East

July 22
8:50 p.m. — 20000 block of State Road 64 East
Trespass Warning: A park ranger reported that a man was on campgrounds who had not paid the required admission fee. Police trespassed the man and told him he was not allowed on the property for six months.

125th Avenue East and Mulholland Road

July 22
11:49 a.m. — Intersection of 125th Avenue East and Mulholland Road
Criminal Mischief: An unknown individual drove a go-kart through a closed community entry gate, causing approximately $1,000 worth of damage. Video surveillance captured the incident. A board member told police the identity of the juveniles he suspects are responsible.

Oakbrooke Circle

July 23
11:03 a.m. — 6600 block of Oakbrooke Circle
Grand Theft: A man discovered that approximately $125,000 worth of cash and jewelry that he kept under his master bedroom night stand was stolen. He suspects that an individual he hired to do odd jobs in his home stole the property.


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