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Cops Corner: Sarasota

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  • | 11:00 p.m. January 28, 2015
  • Sarasota
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Jan. 23
11 a.m. — 2600 block of Hyde Park Street. Dispute/Fight. A woman reported she was having an ongoing dispute with her neighbor. The woman said her neighbor has been angry with her for months, dating back to an incident where the woman may have accidentally run over the neighbor’s cat with her car. Since then, the neighbor has called the woman names, made obscene hand gestures at her and spat at the woman. On this day, the woman was driving by the park when she saw the neighbor running at her car. The woman was able to drive away before the neighbor could spit on her car, but was still concerned. After meeting with the neighbor, an officer came away with the impression that she was mad at all of her neighbors, not just the woman. The officer asked the neighbor to leave the woman alone.

4 p.m. — 1000 block of Boulevard of the Arts. Burglary — Vehicle/Vessel Unarmed. A man discovered that someone had removed 15 CDs, three coupons and a sweatshirt from his car while it was parked at a hotel. The man informed officers that his doors were unlocked, saying that his key fob is not working and that the car might be malfunctioning.

Jan. 24
10:01 a.m. — 3000 block of Lake Ridge Drive. Dispute/Fight. A woman reported that the prior evening her neighbor parked his truck in her driveway without her permission. When the woman asked him to move the truck, he parked it on the road in front of her mailbox. After being contacted by an officer, the neighbor said he would move his truck. He said he was in the process of moving the truck that morning when the woman yelled at him, telling him to move the truck. He got mad and went back inside without moving it.

10:16 a.m. — 2200 block of North Orange Avenue. Dispute/Fight. A woman got into an argument with her landlord after the landlord came to her residence to repair some windows. The woman said she was having issues with mold in the house and brought it to the attention of the landlord, which led to a verbal dispute. The landlord left the property before officers arrived, but the woman asked for the incident to be documented.

Jan. 25
9 a.m. — 3200 block of Fruitville Road. Dispute/Fight. A man called police to report an ongoing dispute with his neighbor. The neighbor believes the man made disparaging remarks about him to a woman, and is upset with the man. The man denied making the remarks and said he wants to be left alone.

The neighbor told an officer that, although he is upset with the man, he has no intentions of doing him harm.



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