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  • | 11:00 p.m. February 11, 2015
  • Sarasota
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Stick to local news
Thank you for your apparently deeply felt, though not so deeply thought, opinion. 

Your title is “Never Again?” which was born as a pledge, by the Jewish Defense League, that the Holocaust must never be repeated. The Holocaust, you say, is being repeated. Your evidence is several horrific, murderous and barbaric photographs of ISIS atrocities. As horrendous as these atrocities are, can the scale be compared to that of the Holocaust? I, for one, am not convinced.

You say that the president has refused to identify this latest incarnation of ultimate evil, but you do not provide evidence of this refusal. Has Obama not intensified those policies, including an exponential increase in drone warfare? Has the expenditure in American lives and treasure not increased since the departure of Mr. Bush? Has all of that loss increased the security of the American people? Again, I find the evidence unconvincing.

You have enumerated the perpetrators and have included Vladimir Putin. What are your criteria for inclusion? No doubt, some members of your list are murderers and barbaric and warrant inclusion. However, how does Putin qualify? Hamas and Hezbollah, in some circles, are classified as freedom fighters. Remember that Palestinians are members of our community.

You do not mention Israel’s open air prison, otherwise known as the Gaza Strip. Thousands have died and the living have been reduced to utter misery. Your silence about this speaks loudly.

You quote Gen. Keane regarding the explosive growth of al Queda. Many see that growth as a result of disastrous U.S. foreign policy blunders based on the use of military force as the only option.

There is much evidence that ISIS was a monster created as a result of [our] mistakes in Iraq. Al Quaeda, though still dangerous and growing, is not clearly an ally of ISIS and may even be its enemy. There is now more than one al Queda. Where did that come from — another escapee from the War On Terror?

Your description of the president is a litany of negatives but no evidence is stated.

The heart of your polemic is that you urge us to be afraid of the menace that is threatening our wives, our children, our very civilization. It worked. You have made me very much afraid of people like you.

You say our public servants’ top priority is to protect you “from harm and from being enslaved and slaughtered by foreign invaders.” Have we not prepared ourselves well enough with our permissive gun laws?

I will not let my public servants hear from me, for I do not know where to find them. Washington is filled by servants of corporations and moneyed interests who surely do not serve me and mine.

You prefaced your editorial by saying it was a departure from your “...focus on local news” … You do those things quite well, and I would hate to have to do without your reviews and other information. However, I would strongly advise you not to venture too far into unfamiliar territory as you did with your editorial.

Frank LaLuna

President missing the target
I applaud you for the strong statement made in the Feb. 5 edition.

The barbarism committed by the Islamic extremists continues unabated and, for some reason, our inept president refuses to take a strong leadership position. His most recent statements at the National Prayer Breakfast were shameful! It appears that he is intentionally missing the target!

Sal N. Bonfanti

It’s just like pre-World War I
The question you pose is indeed a serious ponderable, with no clear answer.

There is no doubt that the ISIS and other related Islamic pathological criminals are heinous, of the same ilk as the Nazis were, maybe worse.

Often it is stated that the situation in the world is analogous to 1939 in terms of ISIS aggression, and no aggressive counter balance from world governments.

I believe it is more like the first decade in the 20th century prior to World War I when European countries were colliding with each other, and Germany was behaving like Russia is today.

All European countries agreed to spend 2% of GDP to provide a military capability. To date, only four countries are doing that. Thus, their impotence in addressing ISIS, Russia or Iran.

European countries have, for the most part, been protected by the U.S. military since the end of 1945.
The issues of clear and present hostility and danger to the U.S. are multiple. Russia is arming and posturing for war. China stealthily is arming at a rapid rate. Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.
Terrorism both domestic and foreign will continue well into the future.

ISIS is going to  have to be resolved by a coalition of countries in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, because of a deliberate policy by the current administration over the past six years, the U.S. military has been compromised in capability and capacity. Military resources are substantially stretched and need to be rebuilt and restored in every regard.

Congress needs to appropriate funds to start immediately the process of rebuilding and expanding the military.

Bottom line: Because of a void in leadership within the U.S. government and administration, the multiple perils threatening the U.S. are extremely serious.

Elections have consequences — do they ever! We are presently living the results.

Vic Cameron

We must stop evil on its turf
This is a great editorial by Matt Walsh. It is truthful, insightful and informed by a keen sense of history. We said, “Never again,” and yet political Islam today is showing its true face — as evil as the Nazis. The only way to stop the spread of this evil to North American shores is to stop it on its home turf: in the Middle East. Thank you for informing and challenging us to action.

Issa Saliba
Sarasota and Oshawa, Ontario

Draft may be needed again
You have a rather long list of groups/people/countries who need to be confronted: Boko Haram, al Nusra, al Qaeda, ISIS, Assad, Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Putin in Ukraine. Yet you say noting about reinstating the draft. Please explain how it is possible to simultaneously fight this number of wars on this number of fronts without it.

How scary is it that an Army lieutenant colonel defines winning a war as refighting the same battles every five or 10 years.

Sara Miller

Past time to pressure officials
Thank you Observer Media Group Inc. associates for being brave enough to write and publish this article. It is a much needed article, a truthful article, and it is past time for Americans to put pressure on the president and elected officials to show the necessary force to stop this evil.

All elected officials have email and phone numbers and mailing address. I hope this article causes Americans to do something.

Eve-Marie LaBrano