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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. October 18, 2012
  • Sarasota
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+ Thank you for your recommendations
Dear Editor:

As you may know, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune will no longer publish recommendations for local elections. This has been valuable information in the past because choosing between two or more local politicians is difficult unless you have access to a non-biased recommendation.

I enjoy receiving The Observer and congratulate you and your staff on a job well done.
John C. Walton

+ Vote ‘yes’ to Amendment 6
Dear Editor:

A yes vote on Amendment 6 will fix a dysfunctional aspect of our current Sarasota government that divides responsibilities between the city auditor/clerk and the city manager.  CEOs and business leaders of corporations and businesses would not tolerate this division of senior level responsibilities in their own operations. They would recognize that if it creates a dysfunctional management structure.

In my experience as a senior level public administrator, you cannot share critical responsibilities with other people. It is a recipe for strife, power struggles, inefficiencies and conspiracies. The city manager needs to be given the authority over operations that allows for effective and efficient governance with advice, consent, and oversight from the elected city commissioners. This amendment accomplishes that task.

This amendment makes the city auditor a charter official and provides for a professional auditor to maintain the checks, balances and oversight that Sarasota needs. The position must be professionalized and be independent of city management. This charter amendment accomplishes that task.

This amendment makes a lot of sense. It provides an organizational framework that would improve the operations and management of the city’s affairs.
Roger J. Barry


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