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Cops Corner

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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 5, 2011
  • Sarasota
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April 25
Face recognition
11 a.m.
— 3500 block of South Tamiami Trail. Petit Theft Shoplifting. A lingerie-shop employee called police after two women stole $600 worth of perfume. The worker saw one of the women try to put three boxes of perfume in a bag, but the woman noticed the worker looking right at her, so she placed the boxes back on a display table. That woman then waved to the employee and said, “Hey, how you doing?” The worker recognized the woman, because she was the same person who threatened to beat her up a week earlier, after being caught stealing from the same store. It was only after the women left the store that it was discovered they stole several other boxes of perfume. The employee gave a less-than-flattering description of one woman — a “pushed-in, pug face.”

Say what?
11:21 a.m.
— 1900 block of Mid Ocean Circle. Family Disturbance. A deputy responded to a house after a neighbor reported a loud argument occurring there. An elderly woman answered the door and said she and her husband had been arguing, but she didn’t remember about what. As to why they were yelling, she told the deputy that the only way they can argue is to yell, because her 93-year-old husband is hard of hearing. Both husband and wife promised to be nice to each other the rest of the day.

Road rage
1:45 p.m.
— Tamiami Trail and Blackburn Point Road. Criminal Mischief. A man told sheriff’s deputies he had been involved in an altercation with the driver of a van while the two drove on Tamiami Trail. When he stopped at a traffic light at Blackburn Point Road, the van driver threw something at the man’s car and sped away. Whatever hit his car door caused a $300 dent in it.

Hit and run
4 p.m.
— Palmer Ranch Parkway and Beneva Road. Accident. A teenager was riding his bike on a sidewalk and then was crossing the street in the crosswalk, when a car hit his rear wheel. The boy was thrown from the bike. The driver did not stop, nor did other passing cars. The boy only received a few scratches on his arm. The only description of the car he could provide was that it was black.

April 26
Sopranos sighting?
6:02 a.m.
— Highland Street. Suspicious Incident. Complainant saw a large bag lying in the middle of the road. The person said it looked like a body bag.

Roommate reappearance
1:59 p.m.
— 1000 block of S. Allendale Avenue. Dispute. A young woman told police that her ex-roommate drove by her residence, and she became frightened. Apparently, they did not part on good terms, and the woman was concerned he might try to do something.

Bayfront views
6:27 p.m.
— 1 block of Bayfront Drive. Suspicious Person. Four men were seen loitering in a parking lot. One man pulled his pants down to his ankles.

Discriminating taste
9 p.m.
— 1400 block of First Street. Petit Theft Shoplifting. A supermarket worker reported a theft in progress. When police arrived, they immediately caught one of the two suspects. He was carrying three pounds of Alderwood smoked salmon and three pounds of white shrimp, worth a total of $88. The other suspect was tracked down in a nearby park. That man didn’t see the officer coming toward him, and he pulled a bottle of Chenin Vio wine from his pants. Busted.



April 25
Gridiron theft
5 p.m.
— 1 block of Ram Way. Theft. A woman reported someone took her daughter’s iPhone from the bleachers, while the daughter was playing powder-puff football.


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