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Cops Corner 09.09.10

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  • | 4:00 a.m. September 9, 2010
  • Sarasota
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Aug. 30
Flew the coop
2:10 p.m.
— 3800 block of South Tamiami Trail. Dispute. A man received a whole chicken from his church, because he wouldn’t have any money until his disability check arrived the next week. The man gave the chicken to an acquaintance, who worked at a frozen-yogurt shop. She told him that she’d cook the chicken, carve it and bring it to him. Instead, she cooked it, and her three kids ate it. The man called police, wanting her arrested for theft. An officer told him that she could not be arrested, but she did owe him a chicken.

Aug. 31
Disgruntled employee
10:15 a.m.
— 3500 block of South Tamiami Trail. Threats. When a woman took over a spa business, one of the existing employees had been on an extended personal leave. The new owner called the employee and told her that she no longer needed her services. The owner said the conversation was cordial. A few days later, other employees told the owner that the terminated employee said she threatened a shooting spree and threatened the life of the new owner’s fiance. The owner said she doesn’t believe the threats will come to anything, but she wanted them documented nonetheless.

Stolen moments
10:23 a.m.
— 1 block of Ram Way. Petit Theft. A high school student said his $170 digital camera was missing from his desk. He told a sheriff’s deputy that he last saw it at the beginning of seventh period. He said he didn’t know who could have taken the camera, because two different classes of students have access to his desk.

That’s how we roll
12:50 p.m.
— First Street and Lemon Avenue. Traffic Accident. A SCAT bus that was pulling into the bus-transfer station rolled into another SCAT bus that was parked there. The damage was minor, and there were no injuries.

Speed racer
2 p.m.
— 1200 block of South Tuttle Avenue. Reckless Driving. Police received a report of a reckless driver swerving through traffic like a racecar driver. The caller told police the man pulled into an apartment building. An officer tracked down the reckless driver and told him to be more careful in the future.

Marco polo
6:40 p.m.
— 3500 block of South Tamiami Trail. Theft. A man picked up 11 polo shirts in a department store and walked into a changing room. Security was watching the man, who was carrying a bag from a different department store. The man was no longer carrying the shirts when he walked out of the dressing room, and his bag appeared to be fuller. As he tried to walk out the door without paying, he was stopped. Police arrived and took him to jail. The stolen shirts were valued at $715.

A time to kiln
7:58 p.m.
— 5900 block of Richard Place. Petit Theft. Someone stole a UPS package that was left on a homeowner’s doorstep. The thief was probably hoping for an iPod or some other kind of electronic device. What he got was $44 worth of ceramic glazes.

Undergarment thief
9:10 p.m.
— 3500 block of South Tamiami Trail. Petit Theft. Someone stole numerous bras and underwear from a lingerie shop. More than $1,700 worth of merchandise was taken. There are no suspects at this time.


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