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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. May 6, 2010
  • Sarasota
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Behavior of a community is not based on others’ thoughts
Dear Editor:
I’ve always believed that a man’s actions were based on what he focused on and the beliefs that he held were his personal responsibility.

It’s interesting that Professor James Unnever professes that the behavior of a community is based on the thoughts of others rather than admit any sense of personal or community responsibility for those committing the crimes. 

This presumes that the behavior is a direct result of external factors not within the control of the community.   

If Professor Unnever truly believes that one’s behavior is directly correlated to the thoughts of the police, then maybe we need “thought police.” In this case, the city should get our money back from the misguided professor.  

Phil Frommholz


+ Victim mentality does not excuse bad behavior
Dear Editor:
Personal responsibility and consequences for our actions are more important than “excuses like — if they think I am a criminal then I will become one.”

That is a victim mentality.

There are plenty of concerned citizens and good parents in Newtown and everywhere else. Sorry, good or bad behavior is not color-coded, but you gave the statistics that tell a story.  

The police are not the criminals; they are trying to protect us from being victims of crime.  

I have watched Newtown residents for years form neighborhood watches and committees to combat the crimes you mention. Protection and assistance for the safety of individuals and businesses are what law-abiding citizens in Newtown want, not more surveys.  

What good can come out of Newtown? Here’s what: two mayors, a talented singer on American Idol, Ringling Art students, business owners, social workers, teachers, porter singers, black theater actors, plenty of good parents and grandparents, volunteers all over Sarasota etc., etc.  

Please stop excusing bad behavior.

Mary Briggs


+ What would happen if oil in Gulf does hit Sarasota?
Dear Editor:
Today I heard on the radio how Sarasota County government is ready for the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico.
My faith in local government is at best minimal.

If the oil approaches Sarasota, what exactly are the government’s plans? Have meetings, hold hearings, declare a disaster, hire consultants and the usual nonsense that government does?   

Has the county lined up earth-moving equipment to build a berm on the beaches of Siesta, Lido and Longboat Key to minimize the damage?   

What about dredges to close the Venice Inlet, Stump Pass, Big Pass and New Pass? A dredge can fill in and build a barrier across Big Pass from Lido to Siesta Key.   

There are “choke points” at the northern end of Longboat Key and just north of Charlotte Harbor.  If we can block the oil, then perhaps we can save Sarasota bay.

Sound extreme? Of course it is, but so is the disaster that is looming. Please do not tell me about the rules from the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency or any other politically correct and incompetent  government agency. I could care less.  

To me it is better to do what is right and then ask forgiveness rather than ask for permission. Now is the time for bold decisions, daring actions and hopefully enough political backbone to do what is right for Sarasota.

John E. Mullarkey




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