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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, May 16, 2018 2 years ago

It's a hat trick

Cops corner
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

April 29


7300 block of 52nd Place East, Bradenton

Shoplifting: A man entered a clothing store and went to the men's department, where he selected three hats, two camo boonies and a black cap. After going to the register, he paid for the two camp hats, but kept the cap hidden from the employee. He exited the store without paying and was stopped by loss prevention. The cap, valued at $22, was recovered. The incident was videotaped. A notice to appear was issued.

May 4


100 block of 41st Street Circle East, Bradenton

Stolen auto tag: A man came to the Sheriff's Office to report his Florida dealer tag had been stolen from the back of his company car, which was parked in his driveway. The man said he remembered looking at the tag at night when he went into his house and that it was gone the next day. The man waited five days to notify the Sheriff's Office. A deputy asked why he waited five days and was told, "I have better things to do." The deputy issued the man a case number.

May 6


9500 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Criminal mischief: Two unknown suspects gained access to the Haile Middle School property and started a golf cart stored on the property by unknown means. The cart was driven around the campus for almost 30 minutes. The cart suffered an estimated $1,500 damage during the joy ride. The suspects parked the cart back where they originally found it and fled the area.

May 7


11000 block of Passage Drive, Bradenton

Information only: The Sheriff's Office responded to the report of a 3-year-old becoming violent with other children and attempting to stab them with a fork. A deputy spoke to the head of a instructional studio and was advised that none of the children were violent and that they ate their lunch with spoons, not forks. The deputy determined there was no valid allegation or threat.

May 8


6300 block of Positano Court, Sarasota

Criminal mischief: A woman reported to the Sheriff's Office that an unknown vehicle ran through the security gates of a community. The woman, who lives in the community, said she woke up to a loud noise at 3:20 a.m. Several hours later she discovered the security gates were ajar with bent poles. The incident was reported to the management company.

May 9


8600 block of State Road 70, East, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: A Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched to a convenience store where prisoners being transported were allowed to roam free among the customers. By the time the deputy arrived, the prisoners were shackled and handcuffed and returned to the van that was transporting them. According to the manager, three or more prisoners came into the business with a guard and the handcuffs were taken off so they could use the restroom. The manager said the store's patrons left in fear. The deputy said the van was being driven by an non-uniformed person and the prisoners were in street clothes. The driver said he had just been hired and that he was taking them to a Fort Myers correctional facility. The driver said he needed to fuel the van and that several of the inmates had to use the restroom. He said he hadn't been given any specific information about handling the handcuffed prisoners.

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